Posted by: Elephant Bones | May 26, 2008

Yo, wassup?

Hey guys, here’s our chance to have some fun. Dio, Arn, and all you guys who have demonstrated common sense, contact me about becoming a mod.



  1. Hi there Elephant Bones… to be the first to write here, and without censorship, yeehaa, this blog [REST OF SENTENCE DELETED].

  2. I will contact Arn to contact you.

  3. Ahoy thar.

  4. Err, that’d be me, still.

  5. Well, this blog is a splendid idea EB !!!!!

  6. Hey, EB, good idea. I think B4B is dead now, but I also think that was their plan all along, to disappear and see how long we would keep posting comments without them. Now ya gotta get a few good blogs written to kick it off, a non-hateful blog would be a nice change.

  7. Oh wow, and I still have the same little quilt pattern. Let’s see if it changes when my name changes.

  8. I’d just like to say that your pic is awesome. 😉

  9. contact me at my e-mail would be cool to mod here

  10. Whoops, still learning how to administrate. All comments are now shown, rather than getting shunted to the mod bin.

  11. And guys, if you want to be an admin or author, you gotta have a WordPress account. Dio’s already got admin powers, but Arn, you need to register. At the moment, the list of other people I’m considering are:

    MoxoM (as long as you keep it clean)
    Marty (lol jk)

  12. *sigh* Time to hustle, I suppose. I just hope this can be anywhere near as funny an experience as B4B.

  13. I salute this new blog as a new sunrise of freedom. Might it give as as much lulz as the previous one did.

  14. *sigh* Time to hustle, I suppose. I just hope this can be anywhere near as funny an experience as B4B.

    Oh, it can well be. And if we need, we make with the satire of either side.


    (wasn’t the true Ednose somehow semi-dead…..aaaaarrgggh clones are AWESOME)

    Ednose: Okay, I’m done messing with your posts. Also, I now edit as Ednose!

  16. Hey I remember you from Blogs 4 Brownback finally a blog for people who have common sense! :3

  17. Finally showed. Hi all!

  18. Cool finally a face of MoxoM instead of that coloured doodle.

  19. I would do this, but it would disprove the mantra of “NO GIRLS ON INTERNETZ” and the web would implode due to a divide-by-zero error. Also, Marty should be allowed to post as our Batshit-Looney-Of-The-Week. ^^

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