Posted by: Elephant Bones | May 27, 2008

Best Political Prank, or Best Political Prank?

The Dongcopter

Starting off the first official blog of B4CS is a report about what I consider to be the funniest prank I’ve ever seen. Russian political critic Gary Kasparov was in the middle of a speech when in flew the Dongcopter.

Sadly, the fun was cut short when a security guard slapped it down when it flew too low. The Dongcopter itself was made with the inner workings of a toy helicopter and covered with what was either porcelain, craft foam, or some other material that recreated the genitalia.

Since this gave me such a laugh, I thought it’d make a funny way to kick off this new blog.

Edit: Okay, a few edits to make everything look pretty. I’m still learning!
Edit 2: Found another video that grants a better view of the Dongcopter.



  1. Dick-slappin’ time, I see.

  2. 😦 where are all the commenters?

  3. Give them a little more time. And a little more promotion.

  4. Look at the size of that thing
    (Star Wars 1977)

  5. Reminds me of the space ship they flew in “Flesh Gordon” (the dirty version of Flash Gordon).

  6. I am intrigued, good sir. Flesh Gordon, you say? I shall have to torrent this!

  7. Well, get the 1974 version, there was another done in 1989, but I’ve never seen it. The ’74 version is actually rated R not X, it’s a sex comedy, but it’s not explicit. It’s a campy low budget flick, but it’s funny as hell.

  8. I just realized that wordpress can be a real pain in the ass. Oh well, just ignore me and carry on, I’ll figure this damn thing out sooner or later. 😦

  9. Well, glad to have you aboard, Arn.

  10. Thanks EB, and just ignore that dragonscales thing, I finally figured out how to use my real name here. WordPress wouldn’t take it because it only has three letters in it, then they wouldn’t take The One because it’s two words so I signed up as dragonscales and just now found out that I can change what name appears in the posts.

  11. Now I kinda want a RC helicopter…

  12. Yeah, technically my name is ElephantBones5, but that’s just not as warm and welcoming.

  13. EB, did you know you misspelled politics in your tags? πŸ˜€

  14. CRAP, lemme fix that

  15. Those RC helicopters are awesome…never seen them used like that though.

    How long had everyone here been around buggin’ the Baptists and Blogs4Brownback before they all ran away and left Marty, June, and Jodie?

    Curiosity. πŸ™‚

  16. “How long had everyone here been around buggin’ the Baptists and Blogs4Brownback before they all ran away and left Marty, June, and Jodie?

    Curiosity. :)”

    since their Frank Zappa article, so at least half a year, I got banned at least eleven times, but too bad for them I do have access to more than one computer.

  17. Since “American Musicians Are Not Dying Fast Enough,” so around November or so.

  18. For me, it was since “Marijuana ruins your mind” around the end of september. At first I thought they were all nuts, later I found out they really were.

  19. At first I thought they were all nuts too, later I found out most of them are trolls, or semi-trolls. Corker is either the biggest idiot I’ve ever known, or one of the most genius trolls in the history of the Internet. The fact that I can’t figure it out irritates me to no end.

  20. The end of this month makes a year for me. I came in at their “the world is flat” rant. Crockett was the first to greet me…and so I was the Liberal Heathen Feminazi Werewolf-ish Witch (it was my parents’ that turned me to it, of course) Corker though, he’s…wow. Lol. Sisyphus was entertaining. Little beats the electrons are angels and demons are protons deal. πŸ™‚

  21. @19
    I think that KKKorker just liked to annoy people, I still wonder how old these kids really were who wrote all this kaka.
    This could be possibly a student joke to see how many people you can piss off by writing rubbish.

    And now for something completely different….

    Since we all know eachother for a while now, where do you all come from?
    (Well I know where Arn and Spacebrother live, but what bout the rest of you all…)

  22. Just to give you an impression bout life here and my doings here is a little song and video that we did not so long ago,
    (since they deleted the link over at B4B….as usual)

  23. And another one (missing the last seconds)
    and indeed, I am beyond insane and wear a dress in this clip…..yikes, how low can I go sometimes, har har har.

  24. enjoy!!!

  25. Hey EB, email me, I have a couple questions to ask you, and I have a couple posts written and ready but I can’t post them.

  26. Did you log in to the blog? the link is under “meta” on the upper right side of the page.

  27. I was logged in, and I tried posting it a couple different ways, first by clicking on the “save” button, and when that didn’t work I tried the “submit” button which put it in the post list as “submitted for approval” but it stayed in the waiting for review box for about four days after which I figured what I had written had become sort of old news so I took it back out. But then I found out that I wasn’t able to do the “mod” thing either so I just gave up on it and decided to wait to hear from you.
    I sent you an invite to my messenger list on Yahoo so perhaps we could talk on there a bit and you could tell me how to do these things, then I just posted the blogs to my other site and figured when I figure out how to do things here I could just cross post some of them on both sites, this one and my own. I have over six thousand subscribed readers on my site so I thought that may help build up the readership here if I got some of my other readers to start coming here too.

  28. You’ve been upgraded to Admin, see if that works.

  29. Thanks EB, I guess all I need to figure out now is how to edit out the tags. When I add new tags it publishes with them, but also includes the old ones so my posts still have the dongcopter tags in them too. Oh well, I’ll get it sooner or later.

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