Posted by: Cartoon Pig Dog | June 18, 2008

An introduction

Hi there folks, my name is Arn, I am 6’4″ well built, nicely tanned, and very well endowed (oh and did I mention very handsome?). I drive a $320,000 Excalibur, live in a mansion on a small island that I own off the coast of Baha California, and travel to the mainland in my 60 foot sailboat, the “Sunset Sloop”.

Life is wonderful, I have 16 cars, 11 houses around the world so I always have a place to stay when I travel and large bank accounts in seven different countries. All I’m missing is the perfect woman to share it all with!

If all of this sounds too good to be true, it’s probably because I’m also a liar. the wonderful world of the internet has brought a whole new breed of person into the world, and it’s suddenly become one of our favorite past times. Cyberlying, when we are online, in a chat room, on a dating site, and even playing online games like Pogo, we can be whoever and whatever we want, and you’d be surprised (and maybe not) at just how many people are not who they seem to be. For the most part this is just all good clean fun, we all want to be successful, or beautiful, or rich, or just to have a life full of the excitement that our real lives lack and the internet gives us the chance to be that, if only in the eyes of those who see you through your cyber-identity. But where does it stop? How far are some people willing to go to protect their cyber-selves from being found out? After all if it’s done to impress someone with the hopes of gaining a relationship, or even just to get into someone’s pants (OMG really?) then you will eventually have to meet that someone in person. It’s no wonder that the criminal courts are suddenly filled with cases of larceny, abuse, rape and even homicide all with the same beginning, the perpetrater and victim met on the internet. And it’s not always the liar that’s the bad guy, sometimes it’s the innocent one that goes into a rage after finding out that they fell in love with a fraud.

There is, of course, a simple answer to all of this, Just be honest. Most of us have enough good points that we don’t need to lie to make ourselves likable, we just have to be sincere. We are not all rich, or good looking, but not everyone is looking for a rich or beautiful mate, I have friends that are very rich, but my very best friends are not among them. My best friends work their asses off day to day and still find themselves behind on their bills, they scrape and pinch to get the money together for a doctor visit when their children are sick because they can’t afford the rediculous rates for insurance, and they would give their last dollar to a stranger if he was hungry.

So if you feel the need to lie to make yourself look better then go ahead, but it’s not going to impress me, and if my beginning statements would have impressed you, then you are looking for the wrong things.

My real profile: Arn Lewis, 5’7″  White male, will work for food.

But I would work to get food for you too.



  1. There you go MoxoM, no caps lock. 😀

  2. That reminds me, I need to build another 5 STAR HOTEL on my BILLION DOLLAR PRIVATE ISLAND. I was so busy buying A DOZEN HUMMERS, it must have slipped my mind. Perhaps me and my BIKINI SUPERMODEL ASTROPHYSICIST girlfriend and I could go on a 3 MONTH CRUISE TO EUROPE and once we’re done maybe we’ll BUY THE BOAT AND PART OF BELGIUM. I always was a fan of their waffles.

  3. I feel honoured to know you,
    first of all…..I live in a (second hand)cardboard box and just sold my liver on Ebay to pay the internet costs to write this.
    My hobbies are collecting biscuits in the shape of radios, masturbation and writing things that make absolutely no sense.
    Most important, except for the fact that I do not have an ego (sold that too to finance the war against aardvarks) is that I am the greatest liar of all times….everything that I say is a lie, even the truth, my entire existance and the shape of my nose (yep as beeing a Michael I have something with noses…..remember Jackson back in ’82???)
    (No offense to all the other Michaels here, including Michael…..and Mick and Mike and Miguel)

  4. As you can see, this blog attracts people of all economic backgrounds xD

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