Posted by: Cartoon Pig Dog | June 24, 2008

Radical Islamic Extremism

Presidential candidate John McCain was recently asked by Fortune Magazine what he thought could be the biggest blow to the American economic system. After a few moment of staring out into space he replied “Radical Islamic extremism”.

Ok, so I don’t quite get the connection between Islamic extremism and economics, but it doesn’t really matter. Ask John McCain about ANY area of American government, the American people or even just the corner market and he will answer you with “Radical Islamic extremism”. After all, his entire bid for the Presidency is based on National Security. No matter what the topic or who the audience, every subject brought up to him is taken back to that one theme, radical Islamic extremism.

Along those lines, it was recently suggested to him by one of his top campaign advisers that the best thing that could happen for his campaign would be for us to suffer another terrorist attack along the lines of 911. After all, another attack on the citizens of the U.S. would put millions of voters behind him in the hopes that he could protect us from further attacks. National security is his top campaign subject, (just as it was for Bush), so in the event of an attack the American people would be likely to rally behind the candidate who stresses security above all other campaign platforms.

However, in the wake of overwhelming disapproval of the Republican party after the monumental blunders of the Bush administration, many Americans are not ready to put another Bush clone into office. They are starting to wonder more about things like economic security, soaring oil prices, health insurance and education. Subjects that McCain never openly discusses. A terror attack would change all that.

The question now is: Is this just a fly by night comment made by one of his advisers, or could this possibly lead to a campaign strategy? It is not entirely unheard of for an individual or an organization to  invent a disaster for the purpose of gaining funds to prevent further similar disasters. There are still those (including myself) that  have thousands of questions regarding the Pentagon’s and the CIA’s foreknowledge, and even possible involvement in, the 911 attacks. It was those attacks more than anything else which led to Bush getting a second term in office. So is really that far fetched to think that perhaps another such attack could be aided by the McCain campaign? Of course it is, John McCain is a patriotic American who could never do anything to harm even a single citizen of this country.

Or is he?

What kind of man is McCain? What really lies beneath the public image of the man who wants to be our next president? Well, in high school he went by the nickname of McNasty because of his incessant use of vulgar language and his constant failure to maintain his temper as he constantly went off into loud and sometimes violent rages at the slightest provocation. In politics he has often gone into those same tantrums calling his opponents dirty names and ranting endlessly about his hatred of everyone who opposed him politically. His entire political career is laced with comments about his opponents including the words, assholes, shitheads and even calling one opponent a fucking jerk. This is also the man trying to get the votes of women by promising more spots in government to women. A man who respects women so much that in 1992 he called his own wife a cunt in front of thousands of spectators at a campaign rally.  

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe it isn’t so far fetched to think that someone with that kind of temper and that much determination could actually aid in the planning and execution of an attack to aid in his campaign. Hell, I still think Bush did it, so why not McCain too?

So if at any point between now and November we are hit by a terror attack of any size, perhaps we should look right here at home for a cause before we run off and attack another country again.

What do you think?



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