Posted by: Cartoon Pig Dog | September 9, 2008

The race continues, and so does the insanity that we call “Politics”

Ok, so I’ve been gone for awhile without posting anything on the Presidential race all through the two conventions. There is a reason for this. I’ve been waiting for all the smoke to clear so I could assess all of the pros and cons from both conventions on my own, without being influenced by the crap filling up the web and the airwaves by all of the extremists (from both Parties) praising their candidates and insulting the others.

From where I sit, I can see where both candidates made mistakes and where they both gained ground. They both made a mistake in their choices for VP running mates, Obama made a poor choice for his campaign, and McCain made a poor choice for the country.

The Democrats took the center stage first so I’ll start with them.

Overall, I saw the Democratic convention as an impressive success. They came together with a sense of unity and made an outstanding case for their campaign. The rivalry between Barrack and Hillary seemed like ancient history as Hillary gave her complete and sincere support to Obama and to his agenda for change in Washinton and for the country. Equally impressive was the speech given by Michelle Obama. Had I not already been a supporter of Obama, her presense would have pulled me to their side. Whether you have noticed it or not, throughout history our greatest Presidents were backed, and even driven, by an even greater First Lady. From Martha Washington to Elenor Roosevelt to Jackie Kennedy and Lady Bird Johnson, our greatest moments in history were really made successful by the courage and intelligence of the woman behind the President, and it seems that Barrack has a very strong woman behind him.

Obama’s one big mistake for his campaign was in his choice for a running mate. I’m not going to say that Joe Biden would be a bad VP, he has a strong background with experience in foriegn affairs, which is where McCain has been attacking Obama throughout the campaign. But his only choice for a guaranteed victory in November would have been Hillary. She still has a strong field of  women supporters who feel betrayed by Obama’s choice and are being swayed by McCain and his choice of Sarah Palin for a running mate.

Now the conventions are over and the final two months of campaigning are underway. But the insanity is just getting started. Already the airwaves are being bombarded by smear campaign ads and it’s the Democrats who are facing the brunt of the storm. Rather than being able to focus on their own agenda and their plans for change, Obama is finding himself having to repeatedly respond to ads placed by McCain, which, instead of promoting himself and his own policies, have been designed to insult and defame Obama with little or no regard for the truth.

Ok, so McCain did tell the truth about one thing, Obama does oppose new offshore drilling. So what? I do too. I oppose new drilling anywhere, offshore or otherwise. These tactics would only serve to increase the profits of big oil companies and delay (or stop) research into alternate energy sources which we are in desperate need of right now, not a hundred years from now. Obama apparently realizes this and is behind the efforts to find and develop other sources of energy rather than to remain dependent on oil as the oil companies and the likes of George Bush would have us do.

Another topic to be brought to the front in the coming weeks will be the war in Iraq. Obama wants it over with and he wants our troops brought home. McCain, on the other hand, wants to continue down the path set by Bush. With a failed war effort at the expense of five thousand American lives, we can’t afford to just keep doing it, something has got to change, and that change will only come about with Obama in the White House, and, with Biden’s experience in foriegn diplomacy, he has the backing needing to bring about that change. Remember, I didn’t say that Biden was a poor choice for the country, just that his election would have been guaranteed with Hillary as a running mate, whereas, he’ll have to fight it all the way to win the election running with any other candidate for VP, and what this country needs right now is for him to win, otherwise we are back to another four years of the same tactics and failed policies that we have suffered through for the last eight years.

“Nigger!” There’s a word that we are seeing more and more of every day on the internet, this is the one word that is hurting Obama’s campaign more than any other. The final days of the campaign will be the most racially charged period in our history. We are still a very racist country, despite all of our laws that tell us not to discriminate against anyone based on race, we are still driven by an inborn hatred of people who are not the same color as ourselves and the insults against blacks have been nonstop ever since Obama announced his decision to run and they will increase as election day draws nearer. This is no longer about allowing a black woman to sit in the front of a bus, or a black student trying to attend a white university, or giving blacks the right to vote, this is about putting a black man in the most powerful position in the world, (if you still think we are the most powerful country in the world). This is the real obstacle that Obama has to overcome to get elected. Regardless whether or not he is the best person to lead this country, there will still be thousands of voters who will vote for McCain or not vote at all simply because Obama is black, (most will ignore the fact that his mother isn’t black).

And now, McCain has stolen his campaign tagline from him. From the beginning Obama’s theme has been “Change we can believe in”, while McCain has been known for his intentions on staying the course with the policies of the Bush administration, backing Bush and voting with him over ninety percent of the time. Now he is calling himself and Palin mavericks that are taking on the Republicans and promising change, the same change that Obama has been talking about all along. Almost overnight (or over the course of the Republican convention) he has gone from the same policies and the same agendas, to “Change we can believe in”. I’m sorry, but that kind of political flip flop can only be a ruse to get voters that are too dumb or uninformed to see through it to the truth.

I seem to be getting a little off track here. This post was supposed to concentrate on the Democrats, the Republicans will get theirs in my next post. But let’s face it, when you are talking about politicians and their campaigns, the things that really count are the bad things. What candidates say they will or will not do is really inmaterial, it’s a campaign, they will say what they need to in order to get the support they want, and almost all politicians have accomplished some good things in their carreers and these things become a matter of public record, but what the people really want to know is, have these people done things that are bad for the country, or have they been caught lying to us, or cheating us, or putting their own personal wants ahead of what’s best for the country? And when I look at those questions, I really have no evidence of any wrongdoings by Obama or Biden so I am inclined to believe them and believe in them. How much they can accomplish or what changes they are able to make is yet to be seen, but one thing is for sure, a win for McCain will only lead to another four years of war, failed policies at home, continued coddling to the big oil companies and the extinction of the American middle class citizens with higher tax rates for the working class and lower rates for the rich and for big businesses.  

At this point, I need to apologise for the tone of this post. I sat down to write an unbiased blog on the candidates and to weigh the pros and cons of each in the process, but it seems that it is impossible to be unbiased when one candidate seems to be completely sincere in his goals and the other is flip flopping back and forth and lying about his opponent and his own agendas. So, yes, I am biased, I support Obama and can’t seem to bring myself to fault him in any way, and by the same token, I can’t seem to find anything positive to say about McCain, but I guess that’s ok since it seems that he can’t find anything positive to say about himself, his ads are all aimed at insulting Obama, not at telling us about himself or his own ideas to improve anything. So I’m inclined to believe that he has no real plans for change, he just wants to keep Obama from winning and actually bringing about real change.




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