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Sarah Palin, a dangerous choice.

I had promised my readers that I would do an update after watching all of Sarah Palin’s interview with Charles Gibson on ABC. However, after watching the interview it became very apparent that she was not willing to tell the truth to any of the questions asked during the interview. She lied about her foriegn experience, she too used the idea that she knew foriegn policy because you can see Russia from Alaska, and that is true, look at the pic below, the island on the right is in the U.S., the island on the left is in Russia.

Shortly after taking office as Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin hired 180 small plane pilots and gunners to hunt and kill wolves and bears from the air, as an added incentive, she offered a bounty of $150 for each left forepaw from all the wolves killed. This group of aerial and ground hunters formed a group of Palin supporters called Barbarians for Sarah Palin. The pic below was taken in 2007 and is her with the Barbarians, the furs they are wearing are all from wolves and bears killed by the group. This is not a photoshopped picture to include her, the picture was taken last year before anyone knew she would be selected as McCain’s running mate and has been posted online ever since.


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The savage slaughter of these animals is fully endorsed and supported by Palin, she even introduced legislation to open up more areas to these hunters to make the slaughter easier and even to include areas where these animals are supposed to be protected in an attempt to rid these areas of the protected animals so they can drill for oil there, I’m talking, of course, about ANWR (Artic National Wildlife Refuge).


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Yes that’s her in the first picture.


But supporting and financing the slaughter of our protected wildlife is just the tip of the iceberg for Sarah. The rest is just too extensive for me to go into, so I will give you a short list of her policies and ideas, with each one is a link to where you can find the officially documented evidence of each. This is not, as many right wingers do, a bunch of lies to attack her with bogus info and evidence, this is all taken from the news archives of the time she actually said and did these things. I strongly urge you to follow each link and read what she has done during her short time in politics.



All facts below about Sarah Palin are backed up by links to credible news sources


        1) She is opposed to abortion even in cases of rape and incest (even if victims are children)

        2) She offered a bounty of $150 for each right front leg of freshly killed wolves

        3) She is presently under investigation in Alaska for abuse of power

        4) She strongly supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

        5) She promotes aerial hunting of wolves and bears even though Alaskans voted twice to ban the practice (VIDEO)

        6) She supports the Alaskan Independence Party which seeks independence from the United States (VIDEO)

        7) She is a champion for big oil and her campaign slogan has become “Drill, baby, drill!”

        8) She believes creationism should be taught in public schools

        9) She believes man-made global warming is a farce

        10) She is opposed to listing the polar bear as an endangered species because it might limit oil exploitation

        11) While mayor of Wasilla she tried to fire the city librarian because the librarian refused to censor books

        12) She used $400,000 of state money to fund a propaganda campaign in support of aerial hunting

          13) As mayor of Wasilla, she made rape victims pay for their own forensic evidence kits

        14) She obtained her first passport just last year (2007)



Sarah Palin – Worse for the Planet Than Even Bush



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 Sarah Palin proudly displaying a grizzly bear her father killed


Sarah Palin spent $400,000 of state money to “educate” Alaskans about aerial hunting of wolves and bears.  State tax money was used to directly influence the outcome of proposition 2 which would have limited aerial shooting of predators.  Since Alaskans had previously voted twice to ban aerial shooting of predators, Palin used state tax money to buy support for aerial shooting. Buying votes with tax money worked – proposition two was voted down on 8/26/08.  

Read more about Governor Palin’s “predator control” policies and the use of state money to slaughter bears and wolves.  This year the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game will exterminate 1,400 bears out of a population of 2,000 in an area west of Anchorage. The Alaskan Board of Game even approved the hunting of black bear mothers and cubs with the goal of killing 60 percent of the black bear population.  Although biologists have known since the 60’s that predators actually keep prey populations healthy, Alaskan wolves and bears are being exterminated (using cruel practices such as baiting, trapping, and aerial shooting) to boost dwindling moose populations.  Do we really want a vice president who doesn’t believe in science?  

Sarah Palin sues the federal government over listing polar bears as a threatened species.  Why?  Because it could restrict the oil industry that fills her pockets.  This is the same reason she wants to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling. Read Governor Palin’s ignorant op-ed piece here.  Palin believes that global warming is a myth.

Sarah Palin’s voting record supports development of the Pebble Mine – the largest open pit mine in North America.  Pebble mine jeopardizes the entire Bristol bay ecosystem which contains the largest sockeye salmon run in the world.  The mine could pollute an unprecedented number or rivers, lakes, and bays.  Although Palin claims that the mine would create jobs for Alaskans, it may effectively destroy the commercial and sport fishing industry in Bristol Bay – the main source of income for Alaskans in Bristol bay.  Pebble Mine’s potential for pollution makes the Exxon Valdez oil spill look like a tiny grease stain.  Click here to watch the NY Times video story about the environmental destruction this mine would create.

The Alaska Board of Game makes most wildlife decisions in Alaska.  The board is comprised entirely of trophy hunters, and not a single wildlife biologist or scientist is a member.  Also lacking is any representation from Alaska’s wildlife viewing and tourism industry.  The most important decisions about wildlife in Alaska are decided by ignorant hunters with a total disregard for science.  Palin even appointed her former middle school basketball coach to the board.


Are there too many wolves in Alaska?

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    No!  Boosting the moose population is the official justification for aggressive predator control policies such as aerial shooting.  However, in 2005 124 biologists contacted then Governor Murkowski expressing multiple concerns over predator control in Alaska, and that it was not based on sound science.  These unscientific practices still continue under Governor Palin.  There has never been a documented case of a wolf attacking a human in Alaska– ever.  Alleged “large” numbers of wolves are never a threat to human safety.  Click here to read wildlife biologist Dr. Steven Stringham’s articles on why predator control is junk science.  



Sarah Palin claims that aerial hunting is necessary to help poor Alaskans who need to hunt moose for food.  But it costs $500/hr. to charter a bush plane, and more than double that to charter a helicopter.  Let’s do the math – with over 800 wolves killed to date by aerial shooting, with an average of four hours to kill them (a very low estimate), times $500/hr. to charter a plane (another low estimate, since helicopters cost more), that’s at least $1.6 MILLION dollars spent on air travel to kill wolves!  Wouldn’t it be easier to spend that money giving the poor food vouchers?  Add the nearly half a million dollars that Palin spent to “educate” Alaskans about aerial hunting, and you could probably feed the whole state.  I think it’s obvious that aerial hunting of wolves is not about helping to feed the poor.

  For more information about Sarah Palin and Alaska’s wildlife policies visit the Alaska Wildlife Alliance


Sarah Palin, Vice-President of the United States?

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  Not only is there an entire country physically separating Alaska from the US, there is a cultural divide just as wide.  Sarah Palin governs a culture for the most part stuck in the 19th century.  Although she has an 80% approval rating as governor, keep in mind that most Alaskans are very different from most people in the U.S.  Alaska is like no other state and in most regards it’s a foreign country with a foreign culture, or more correctly it’s American culture but from a century ago.

Alaska was colonized by greedy people who wanted to get rich fast through the consumption of natural resources (minerals, wildlife, and oil).  Little has changed in a hundred years and every industry in Alaska still exploits the land, sea, or wildlife.  Natural resource extraction is the backbone of Alaska and it runs through every aspect of Alaskan life.  Sarah Palin represents the modern face of these pioneer day interests.  Everything in Alaskan politics focuses on one issue: natural resources.

If Sarah Palin were to ever become president we can kiss the natural world goodbye along with the freedom we treasure so much in this country. Sarah Palin is bad for the planet and bad for America!  



This year thousands of Alaskan bears and wolves will be shot for pleasure in Alaska


 Click here to read  Palin: wrong woman, wrong message, a great op-ed piece by Gloria Steinem



Sarah Palin’s Horrific Wildlife Policies



98% of the grizzly bears in the continental U.S. have been exterminated.

Sarah Palin is now doing the same thing to bears and wolves in Alaska.


   I think its obvious from the pictures how Alaska Governor Sarah Palin feels about wildlife conservation.  Like many Alaskans, Palin believes that bears – and all wildlife, exist for the sole purpose of human exploitation.  Sarah Palin and the Alaska Board of Game whose members make decisions about most wildlife, are actively trying to cripple the bear viewing/eco-tourism industry in Alaska. Photographs of Palin with her bear rug were published in the Anchorage Daily News amidst great controversy over the hunting of habituated bears around Katmai National Park and the McNeil River Sanctuary.  Several weeks before the controversial 2007 Katmai Preserve hunt (where bears habituated to bear viewers were shot) Palin posed deliberately next to a dead bear to a make a point – that she will do everything in her power to make sure bears and other wildlife are mercilessly shot for pleasure in Alaska.  This is another example of how conservative Palin really is.  Palin supports shooting habituated bears even though the majority of Alaskans (even sport hunters) are opposed to hunting them.

          In the past two years, bears habituated to bear viewing have reportedly been shot at bear viewing sites around the state – as a statement to bear advocates that Alaska is about shooting animals, not understanding them.  Palin supports mining and oil drilling as a way to create jobs in Alaska – yet she tries to destroy the bear viewing industry which generated $100,000,000 this year!  Palin cares most about preserving an outdated way of life based on the consumption of the natural world.  


Photographers from all around the world travel to Alaska to photograph wild grizzly bears

This year the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game plans to exterminate 1,400 bears out of a population of 2,000 in an area west of Anchorage.  The Alaskan government consistently ignores decades of scientific research that has proven that predators actually keep prey populations healthy.  Alaska fish and game is wiping out entire populations of predators -using cruel practices such as baiting, trapping, and aerial shooting, in the name of boosting dwindling moose populations. This is just plain ignorant, since biologists have known since the 60’s that wolves and bears do not negatively impact prey species such as moose and caribou. Anyone who has taken ecology or biology 101 knows this is established fact. What is threatening moose and other prey species is over hunting by humans, and a large number of yearly road-kill fatalities.  The impact of habitat destruction, climate change, and a decrease in predation also contributes.  Limiting trophy hunting of moose, however, is never considered an alternative.  Alaska is also the only state that prohibits wildlife rescue and rehabilitation (which would help boost moose numbers).

The majority of people who visit Alaska do not support sport hunting and the destruction of wildlife.  Most tourists come to Alaska to view wildlife, not to slaughter it.  Seeing a grizzly in the wild is the highlight of every tourist’s trip!  The best hope for Alaskan wildlife is for the tourists who fund the economy to make their wishes known loud and clear – that they do not support archaic policies which destroy the Alaskan ecosystem.

Alaska is the last place in the U.S. where humans have not gobbled up and destroyed the natural world.  This unique place on the planet needs to be protected, and not allowed to continue to be nothing but a place where animals are trapped, and shot and skinned, and stuffed, and hung on a wall, or used as a rug to wipe your dirty feet.

Watch graphic videos here showing the trophy hunting that Sarah Palin supports so strongly


Contact Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and tell her you oppose the slaughter of bears, wolves and other predators.  Mention that you oppose the hunting of habituated grizzly bears in the Katmai Preserve.  Tell her you support the abolishment of the Board of Game, which is comprised entirely of trophy hunters. These ignorant trophy hunters set most wildlife policies in Alaska.  




Are grizzly bears really dangerous?


Do grizzly bears eat people?


Where can I safely view grizzly bears in Alaska?


Bears have learned to trust humans, and vice versa, in places like Katmai National Park where sport hunting is banned.

Read more about this grizzly mother by clicking here.

 (Thanks go to for making all of this information available. I would like to ask everyone who reads this to feel free to copy any or all of it for your own blogs, bulletins and emails, let’s spread the word before November 5)






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  3. By the way EB, forgive the site changes, I’m easily bored and have been playing with different themes to see how things look with different backgrounds, I’ll get bored again before long and stop doing that 🙂

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  5. Thanks I will add alink to my blogs and pass this along. We expatriated -sounds bad but just left for a new country since the US seems to be ready to implode due the the unbrideled greed os som many in power but still feel the need to keep trying and I will get my vote in from Panama on time.

  6. verry nice photos.

  7. I need to apologize for some of the links. It seems that the videos have disappeared. They were there when I posted this but they are gone now, why they were removed or by who I have no idea, but it seems to me that someone out there doesn’t want us watching them. I will try to locate the same videos somewhere else if I can. I’m very sorry about that, they were all worth watching.

  8. Arn, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but sad to say several of your facts are either misleading or outright incorrect.
    She never tried to have a librarian fired, nor any books banned. She did ask about book banning, though only as a hypothetical question.

    Also, though she does support teaching Creationism, she’s not opposed to evolution. She simply thinks both viewpoints should be taught, and let the students draw their own conclusions. Odd belief, I know, but not necessarily a bad one.

    For the record, I’m not a Palin supporter. I just value having both sides be up front and honest. Bipartisan bickering is idiotic and counterproductive at any time.

    And I don’t really mind you playing with the format of the site; you’re just about the only active admin here, so have fun. I noticed you trying different fonts throughout the article. Keep working on it.

  9. Hi EB, glad to see that you still drop in here, even if it is to disagree with me,,lol. However, on the misleading facts you mentioned, first, I didn’t say she opposed evolution, just that she supported teaching creationism, which I personally believe should be left up to the Churches because creationism is based on faith rather than fact (and you can’t teach faith), and to teach it in schools you would have to basically choose a religion to base the courses on, thus stating (although not outright in words) that the religion they base their teachings on is the correct religion (members of all religions believe theirs to be the right one) which would lead to the schools actually trying to sway people’s own beliefs in their religion if it happens to go against what is taught in school. In my own opinion, religion should be left out of the schools and out of politics, a politicians belief and faith in God isn’t going to make God perform miracles for our country, no matter how badly our country is in need of a miracle right about now.
    As for the bit about trying to fire the librarian in Wasilla, I never believed any of the things being said in blogs and in forwarded emails about the “list” of books that she wanted banned (many of those on the list weren’t even published at the time) That statement refers to an article in a local paper (The Anchorage Daily News) that claims she tried to fire the librarian after asking her three seperate times about book banning, her official statement was that it was a rhetorical question and that her decision to fire her was based on the fact that she didn’t believe the librarian was loyal to her or supported her. However, her answer to Palin’s question (saying she wouldn’t ban books) seems to be the only thing she said that would show disloyalty to Palin. According to, Sarah Palin did send the librarian a letter of termination after those conversations, but withdrew it the following Monday under pressure from the citizens of Wasilla, and said that it was a test of her loyalty. (see their conclusions in the article titled “sliming Palin”). Personally, I don’t think that makes a lot of sense, threatening to fire someone isn’t a test of loyalty, it’s a way to lose the loyalty of those who were loyal to start with.
    There are several things about Palin that I have questioned the past couple weeks, and I have been talking to several Alaskans who live in Wasilla to get their opinions about what happened when she was mayor and her performance as Governor. Like the claim that she belonged to the Alaskan Independence Party, she didn’t, but Todd did, however she did support them. Sarah Palin told members of the Alaskan Independence Party in a videotaped speech to their convention six months ago in Fairbanks. She wished the party luck on what she called its “inspiring convention.”
    I am still researching many of the claims made about her (some are true, many are not) by checking with the local citizens from Alaska and looking up old newspaper reports etc. Much (in fact, most) of this post came from (see my note at the bottom of the post), and was copied from their site at the request of John (the owner of the site and one of the Alaskan natives that I’ve been corresponding with on these issues) and I checked all of the links he provided to verify that they were credible (most were, but not all), and I fully intended to update the post to correct any incorrect information if I found evidence to the contrary of anything said. So far, the only evidence I’ve found is her official standing that she wrote the letter of termination as a test of loyalty, perhaps we should take her at her word for that, but I personally have a hard time doing that.
    On the brighter side, Sarah did a very good job in the debate last night and fooled many Americans who were expecting her performance to be another disaster like her television interviews with Charles Gibson and Katie Couric. She dodged several direct questions by changing the subject, I believe the official count was 10 times that she dodged the questions by attacking Obama and Biden on another issue rather than addressing the issues posed in the questions. Of course she wasn’t alone in that method of avoiding direct answers to the questions, Joe Biden did the same thing 6 times.
    Anyway, I’m starting to ramble again, so I’ll stop now and save the rest for my post on the debate itself which will have both positive and negative thoughts on both of the candidates since they both gave good arguements and they both made misleading statements, but more of that later.
    Thanks for commenting and letting me know you are still around. It’s still your site so I’m glad you still check in on it.

  10. “Personally, I don’t think that makes a lot of sense, threatening to fire someone isn’t a test of loyalty, it’s a way to lose the loyalty of those who were loyal to start with.”
    Yeah, that is a little odd.
    “It’s still your site so I’m glad you still check in on it.”
    I pop in every so often. Make sure you deal with trolls and shitposts. I’m counting on you.


    • you are 100% right” bitch should fry and rot in hell for inflicting such a inhumane torture to those animals..i wish she dies.

  12. Why do u people kill wolves and other poor creatures god says if your not killing them for food your sinning and making a huge mistake …..people are/will stop killing these poor animals they are just like dogs so you are basically shooting dogs…..:(

  13. I hate people who hunt wolves. HUNT DEER OR SOMETHING THAT’S IN HIGHER POPULATION! Who’s with me?

  14. And I agree with you, Brady. 🙂

  15. Savannah45, what the fuck do you think gives you the right to shoot ANY animal? Bears, wolves, deer, moose – they are not put on the Earth for you to kill for your amusement, they are living, breathing creatures that deserve more respect than for you to shoot them for some sort of sick thrill.

    People who enjoy hunting have got something wrong with their brain. They’re sick, fucked up people. What the fuck do you enjoy about murdering animals? Why not murder humans instead? Theres no difference. Wouldn’t it be more fun for you to watch a struggling child bleed to death? Presumably thats the enjoyment you get out of shooting a deer. Why else would you kil it? There are millions of other hobbies you could take up, but only hunting satisfies that desire to murder, right?

    I mean, you could just shoot tin cans in your yard, or go paintballing instead yeah? Hell, you could join the army and actually get paid to shoot real people – well, Iraqis and Afghans. America doesn’t want to put too high a value on their lives because otherwise people might think THAT was immoral too.

    I hope that anybody who kills for ‘fun’ ends their life shot by a mugger, so they can know what it feels like to gasp for air after a bullet pierces their lung, or that they can ‘enjoy’ the experience of convulsing on the floor as it blasts into their skull and fires up their nervous system. Thats how the deer feels.

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