Posted by: Cartoon Pig Dog | September 17, 2008

Fighting among friends, no way to run a country.

While we are sitting around here discussing the situation with the economy, the “Perils of Palin”, and pigs with lipstick the situation overseas has been worsening.

  Today the Pakistan Army said that they are under orders to open fire if U.S. troops attempt to launch another raid across the Afghan border into Pakistan. There has been a sharp increase in hostile feelings toward the U.S. ever since the September 3rd raid by American commandos into Waziristan, in which the Pakistans reported 15 people killed, all civilians. Pakistani’s Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas said earlier today that their forces have been tolerant of our forces crossing a short way into Pakistan but that, after the September 3rd incident, the orders are now clear: “In case it happens again in this form, that there is a very significant detection, which is very definite, no ambiguity, across the border, on ground or in the air: open fire.”

  I am an American, and I support our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq to the fullest. But I do not support the administration that sent them there, nor do I support the lies we have been told to justify their presence there. And now that administration is going way too far. We have had close friendly ties with Pakistan for years, now we are committing an act of war against them. I don’t care what kind of excuse you use, or how justifyable you think your reasons are, when you invade another country without that country’s permission, it’s an act of war, even if the country invaded is your ally. The Bush administration is risking starting another war, and this time they are risking a war against one of our friends.

  On a side note here, the McCain/Palin team also supports invading Pakistan with or without their permission. We all heard Palin try to dodge her way around the question in her interview with Charles Gibson, but her real thoughts came through anyway, she is in favor of “doing whatever it takes”, even if that includes starting a war with one of our longtime friends. And I wish someone could give me an accurate count on the number of times that John McCain has said “there will be more wars”, I’ve heard him say it several times, and I don’t really listen to that many of his campaign speeches. I did see a video of him somewhere singing “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran”.

  The Pakistani military has been doing all they can to help with the situation in Afghanistan. They have sent more than 100,000 troops to the area and have launched several successful campaigns against the insurgents in Pakistan, one in which over 700 insurgents were killed and they were praised by Americas leaders for their efforts. And those efforts have not been without significant costs for Pakistan, including a recent wave of suicide bombings across the country.

  Can we even consider going to war against a country that is doing all they can to help us? This is a time when we need to step back and let the Pakistanis handle the situation in their country on their own. They can do a better job than we can. They live there, they know the country, they know the terrain and where likely hiding spots are and, most importantly, they are protecting their own country and their own citizens. They have a much more personal reason to be dilligent in their efforts. What the Bush administration has is a burning need for revenge and an unprecedented thirst for war. Our raid into Pakistan accomplished only one thing. We killed 15 innocent Pakistani citizens.

  I realize that this is move by our current administration and has nothing to do with the upcoming election, but I just can’t stress enough the dangers of continuing with these tactics and spreading the violence into even more areas. But that is exactly what the McCain administration would do. Under John McCain we would be at war with Pakistan within three weeks of his taking office, and with Iran in the first two months, the draft would be reinstated within six months and most of our current allies would distance themselves from us or even oppose us to the point of military action to curtail our involvement in middle eastern affairs that we shouldn’t be involved in.

  Our own officials in Washington have confirmed the raid of Sept. 3 but they have refused to release any further information or details on the raid. Could that be because we only killed civilians? They gave the Pakistanis the same treatment, when asked by the Pakistani government for an explanation for the raid, they gave a very vague report (they are very good at “vague”) and even refused to say what or who their intended target was. Cetainly it couldn’t have been those 15 civilians.

  This is an important and dangerous situation, we need to deal with it now and we need to deal with it intelligently. That fact kinda scares the hell out of me, we have a very serious and delicate situation here, and we need important decisions made, decisions made with intelligence. And who is in charge of making those decisions? George W. Bush. I don’t know about you, but that thought scares the hell out of me.

  And the thought of turning this situation over to an administration run by McCain and Palin scares me even more.



  1. Oh boy, this is indeed a scary situation that the Administration is keeping on the back burner. Everyone needs to remember that Pakistan is a NUCLEAR Power (and yes, I can say it correctly!). They may not have ICBM capability, but they sure as hell have short range missiles that could simply wipe out our troops in Iraq. This could indeed be the match that lights the fuse to the powder keg; the event that lets the genie out of the bottle. As one former UN analyst observed, once someone goes nuclear, there will be no stopping what will happen next. You can pretty much count on American Cities being nuked…pick one, he said. Once that first nuke goes off, it’s just a matter of time.

    I am also firmly convinced that this Administration is planning on a military involvement prior to the election in an attempt to boost John McCain, and validate the Neocon policy of conquer by fear.

    Vladimir Putin is one hell of a smart guy; Machiavellian, but SMART. He stated the same thing about Georgia, and I’m inclined to believe him. Trust me, we don’t want to get the Russians pissed. We don’t need to revive old enemies, we already have the biggest enemy of all:


  2. Thanks arkangel, and thanks for coming to visit my little spot on the net. If you go back into my earlier blogs and find the one with the picture of McCain hugging Bush, you’ll see that my worry was another terrorist attack after his top advisors told him that a terror attack would be the best thing that could happen for his campaign. I don’t believe he would be against staging such a thing if he thought it could win the election for him.

  3. “I realize that this is move by our current administration and has nothing to do with the upcoming election…”

    Obviously from the continuation of the idea above, you do think it has something to do with this election, and so do I as does arkangel3.

    Everything that GWB does over the next six weeks has something to do with the upcoming election. And, as you have said elsewhere much depends on the outcome of the election as to what he may do with his ongoing power up to and including January 20th 2009 around midday. I have said elsewhere that he is “forgotten but not gone”… one who is “forgotten but not gone” with the nuclear codes and a stack of laws and EOs that makes him (currently) the most dangerous man in the world. He scares me as much as Ronald Reagan did BEFORE he was elected… somehow, and I hate to laud the man because I don’t think he was Saint Ronald, Reagan cared more for the US as a symbol in the world than those since… therefore he did not wish to pollute that symbol with the starting of nuclear wars. He was, in a sense a Modernist Republican.

    Bush I & II were/are Post-Modernist Republicans who are simulacra of the Ideal Republican. They would and did alter the perception of the US by starting unjustified wars. Further, they put into place, due to their own paranoias insanely dangerous threats to the freedoms of the people of the US (Reagan did as well, but didn’t have the chutzpa to use it.) Whether Bush II has that chutzpa to activate some of the tools he has in hand remains to be seen. I think it largely depends on the outcome of the election.

    McCain/Palin and their puppetmaster Karl Rove, et. al., are the most dangerous because they are simulacra of the simulacra a post-Post-Modern Republican. What they can and will do has really no real relationship to Reagan’s vision of the US only 21 very short years ago (insert favorite Shining City on a Hill metaphor here). Reagan basically closed the Modernist era that day and everything since, Republican-wise, has become a weak reproduction of the Ideal — like continuing to photocopy a photocopy. They have come to scare us into submission.

    Since, in my world view, negativity breeds negativity, I am going to stop saying “what happens if they win” and start commanding Obama to win. I don’t mean that I am going to send him emails that say “I command you…” I mean that I am basically commanding the Universe (or whatever higher power you wish to insert here) to cause him to win and concommitantly to continue to make Bush II more and more ineffectual. Oh, yeah, and to go out and work for Obama… action must be taken as well 😉

    Call me crazy, but it is better than sitting around wringing my hands waiting for the ax to fall.

  4. Thanks SwinePrincess, I liked the comment that Bush is currently the most dangerous man in the world. Some time ago I did a series of blogs doing a countdown from least likely causes to the most likely causes of man’s extinction, I changed my mind on the order as I continued my posts, but in the end my last post with what I thought would be the most likely cause of our extinction turned out to be a cause that wasn’t on my original list, it was George W. Bush. Those posts were in my myspace blogs, you’ve already been there so you know where to look if you’re interested in seeing the other reasons too. The posts were called “Seven ways to die”

  5. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.RaymondeUyRaymonde Uy

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