Posted by: Cartoon Pig Dog | September 18, 2008

How to steal an election.

  I keep hearing people say “I hope the Republicans don’t steal this election”, and then I hear other’s saying that it’s impossible to steal the election because of all of the checks and security in the ballot count process. At any rate, it seems that overall, most of the American people have faith in the Democratic process and trust that their vote will be counted and the side with the most votes will win as it should be.

  So is all this talk about stealing the election just a big hoax perpetrated by paranoid skeptics or by others wishing to prey upon the paranoid and the unsure?

  The truth of the matter is, not is it only possibe to steal an election, it’s been done, it was done in the 2000 election, the 2004 election and it’s being done right now for the 2008 election. In 2000 it was done with the help of Bush’s brother Jeb and the state of Florida, in 2004 it was Ohio, this year it will once again be Ohio (with Michigan on the sidelines just in case Ohio doesn’t quite have enough to make up the difference in the national vote).

  But why take the chance and use the same state twice in a row? The answer to that is easy. Ohio is a very important state to carry in the election. It seems that no candidate can win the election without the state of Ohio, it’s only been done once since 1856 (by Kennedy) and it has never been done by a Republican. Therefore, if you want to steal an election the best place to start would be by stealing Ohio. Bush did it twice. Yes he stole Ohio in 2000 with complete success, and that year it was Florida that served as a back-up state, when the Ohio steal wasn’t quite enough the Florida recount was ordered. In 2004 he once again stole the vote in Ohio, but there was a problem and another recount and verification was called for. In both elections Bush lost the popular vote but won on the stolen electoral votes in Ohio and Florida. How did they do it and how did they get away with it?  To answer that question, I will now go into the main topic of this post, “how to steal an election”.

  First you need to pick a state. To try and do it on a nationwide scale is too risky with too many chances for being discovered, so you pick a state to target your efforts on. For the reason stated above, Ohio makes the perfect target state, as the saying goes, “if you carry Ohio, you’ll carry the election”.

  Second, you need something put in place to make sure that the ballots are counted in your favor in the target state. At one time this was done by placing loyal people in the polling places and at the counting desks who could slyly dispose of opposing votes in a random manner so as not to draw attention. Today computers are playing a larger role in the voting and counting process, so you need to find a way to get the computers on your side. Sounds silly, but it can be done. In 2004 Ohio had a Republican Governor who was loyal to Bush, and they had  a whole new set of Diebold counting machines.

  Now, according to studies by Princeton University, The Government Accountability Office, the Brennan Center and several others, the Diebold computers are very easily manipulated and can reverse the out come of an election with just a few simple keystrokes.

  And who was the primary programmer for these machines? Bush family computer operative Michael Connell. That’s right, the man that programmed the computer in Ohio actually worked for the Bush’s. This year Ohio has a Democrat (Ted Strickland) for Governor and his office is trying to prevent the fiasco from 2004 from repeating itself. But he has no evidence that it ever happened in the first place. And this year the new Secratary of State (Jennifer Brunner) is working double time to insure that the voting process is kept safe. Meanwhile she is also dealing with a federal civil rights suit that was originally filed against her predecessor, Republican Kenneth Blackwell. When she was elected Secratary of State she inherited the suit filed with the previous Secratary of State. Let’s just call that a hand-me-down from the GOP. With her on the lookout, tampering with the machines will not be as easy as it was in 2004, but with the right approach (and the right amount of money) you can still teach an insider how to do it, and at the center of the GOP’s  attempts to once again gain control of the counting machines is Michael Connell, still a Bush employee and still dedicated to swaying the election over to the GOP. So how did they get away with it last time and how do they plan to get away with it this time?


  Federal law states that all materials pertaining to an election be preserved for 22 months so they can be referred to in the event of noted discrepancies. In August 2006 Judge Algernon Marbley ruled that all materials pertaining to the 2004 election in Ohio be preserved indefinately due to concerns over tampering with the Ohio electoral ballots. What happened after that ruling? Those documents disappeared, seeing a possible investigation coming they managed to destroy all relevant materials and no evidence remains as to what really went on in the polls in Ohio. All of this happened in response to the federal suit filed against former Secretary Blackwell. The suit targeted Blackwell who was very much involved in the ballot tampering, the suit led to the order to preserve the election materials and the two events combined led to their need to destroy those materials. And they got away with it: No evidence = no case.

  The next step in stealing the election is getting rid of opposing registered voters.  In 2004 the GOP controlled Board of Elections in Ohio eliminated 308,000 registered voters from the rolls used to determine whether or not people were elegible to vote. Those eliminated were predominantly from the heavily Democratic districts in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland), Hamilton County (Cincinnati) and Lucas County (Toledo).  Over 5% of the total number of registered voters were eliminated in that purge. Another 35,000 voters found themselves unable to vote or had their rights challenged by the GOP because of letters that were sent out by the Republicans that were returned as underliverable due to deliberate mistakes in the address, allowing them to claim the lack of a valid address. Challenges were also issued to ex-felons to prevent them from voting even though they are allowed to by state law. That’s over 330,000 votes stolen in the 2004 election (from one state, similar small scale tactics were used in other states as well), and Bush’s official victory margin was only 119,000 votes, and another 170,000 voters were eliminated during the chaos after the election.

  Despite the massive voter registration drives, those voters have never been restored to the voters registration lists. Similar voter purges were used in Florida in 200 and throughout the country in 2004. And they are being done again in 2008.

  This year, the GOP controlled boards of election are once again sending out notices requiring that the post office return those that can’t be delivered, once again you can be sure many of those notices will have mistakes made in their addresses, and a loophole that still exists in Ohio law allows partisan challengers to demand that the names of those whose notices come back be eliminated from the voter rolls. This practice is now being used all across the country to purge voter rolls in inner city precincts. And many of those removed are soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.


  This worked in 2004, and they are doing it again this year. In 2004 321 precints were moved in Franklin county alone. Blackwell himself finally admitted in court that false information was posted on the states web site directing thousands of voters to the wrong polling stations, and in a large percentage of those cases, they were denied the right to vote altogether, or they were forced to cast provisional ballots that were never counted. Brunner has restored many of these precincts, but not all of them, but she does intend to see to it that the voters are directed to the right polling places this year. Those that use the web site that is. There are still those that are being called on the phone and given false changes to polling sites. (See my earlier post on “Dirty politics”)


  It’s obvious by now that the Republicans are heavily involved with data mining this year. This tactic uses publically available information on voters (age, driving records, criminal background, employment, etc.) to target specific groups of people and keep them away from the polls. These methods include phone calls and letters telling voters that they will be arrested if they try to vote while thay have unpaid tickets, are on parole or probation, owe back child support, and in some areas, if they can’t speak english. None of those are legal grounds for being denied the right to vote, but the tactic works anyway, especially on young, first time and uninformed voters.

  Other methods used by the GOP are implementation and enforcement of outrageous voter identification requirements (federally, all you need at the polls is your social security number, or even just the last four digits of it. That’s how they find your name on the rolls.

Polling station challengers, poll pushing, harassment, threats, these are all methods used heavily by the GOP. And this year they also attempted to eliminate voters by sending out over a million fake absentee ballots, that voters would use and return only to have them discarded because they were fake, the hope being that when the real ballots arrived the voters would ignore them thinking that the double mailing was just a mistake and that their votes were already counted. They got caught with that one, but they are stepping up their efforts in all of the other voter manipulation practices. With the number of voters they have targeted and the recount that is coming in Ohio (yes, there will be another recount in Ohio, and perhaps in Michigan as well) it may not matter if Obama can take this election in a landslide, a large number of our voters have already been eliminated, with thousands more being eliminated every week, and who are those being eliminated? Those registered as Democrats, somehow all of these little “laws”, “loopholes”, “invalid addresses” and “polling station changes” aren’t affecting our Republican voters at all.   

   They stole the election from us twice in a row and they are doing it again, and it’s looking increasingly likely that they will succeed again. With a campaign that is guaranteed to lose this year, and their own party members beginning to turn on them because of their disregard for the truth in this campaign, MxcCain and Palin are riding along in confidence with the knowledge that more and more of the voters who oppose them are being eliminated every day.



  1. First off, you implied that the Florida recount was initiated by Bush. You are wrong. It was initiated by Gore. As was the Florida Supreme Court and finaly the US Supreme Court. AND the counties that were re-counted all had Democrats as their officials….and it was a Democrat caught carrying a voting machine out of the courthouse…not a Republican.

    Second, I live in Florida. In 2004, I received a call telling me that my polling place was changed; luckily I’m not stupid and recognized it for a ploy of the DEMOCRATS. I’m a Republican and an always voter….do you believe that the GOP called me to try to get me not to vote?

  2. Excellent post! I have heard about all of these things, but seeing them put together in one place is chilling.

    What was the excuse for the destruction of evidence? “Ooopsie!” as a friend of mine says, “oopsie” is the cure-all for everything.

    When anyone tells you they’re not voting because their vote doesn’t count; when anyone says what does it matter if a few thousand people are purged from the rolls those votes don’t mean anything; tell them that in 1960 John F Kennedy won his election by an average margin of 1 vote per precinct. One vote. Tell them that in 1968 one vote per city block caused Richard Nixon to win. One vote. And in 2000, just one vote per precinct in Florida resulted in Florida “going” to Bush. O.N.E. V.O.T.E.

  3. Lori, I never made any implication at all as to who initiated either of the recounts. I merely stated the outcomes, how the manipulation was done, and how it was covered up. I’m sure the fact that it was only Republicans who were charged in any of the cases means nothing to you, just as it would mean nothing to you that it was the Republican Secretary of State that had the federal suit filed against him, or that another Republican went to prison over it, or that McCain admitted to being involved in this years mailing of over a million fake absentee ballots, or that the Republicans are having suits brought against them in several states to stop their activities with illegal poll pushing, eliminating those under foreclosure and eliminating soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan for not having a valid US address. And right this moment McCain is trying to get the government to stop the investigation into Troopergate, and Palin is refusing to coperate with the investigation after she invited the investigation less than two weeks ago. And even FOX and other conservative news sites are backing off of their support of McCain due to his and Palin’s complete disregard for the truth in this campaign, even their supporters are sdaying that they are taking the lies way too far.
    Go ahead and keep supporting that sinking ship, the majority of Americans don’t want those kind of people in government. Palin wants to kill 1400 grizzly bears, out of a total population of 2000, just to open up land for drilling. That’s not leadership, it’s greed. And she wants to kill as many wolves as possible and sued the government for putting polar bears on the endangered list, also so she could drill where they live.
    And don’t forget, both of them want to go to war with Russia and with Pakistan, and Pakistan is our ally. Don’t try to argue that fact, they both said it themselves. And McCain has been itching for a war with Iran, again, don’t bother denying it, he makes no effort to conceal that fact.
    You are supporting war mongers and animal murderers. So what do you do for pleasure? Torture kittens?

  4. Swinepricess, the “excuse” for the destroyed evidence has trickled down to mismanagement of records and the whole disappearance turned out to be a big “mistake” or “accident”, it is still being investigated, but the evidence is gone and there’s not much to go on beyond that. It was a pretty big mistake though, something like 56 out of 58 counties that were ordered to preserve those materials destroyed them. Ironically, though, in Florida (Bush’s brother’s state)those records are still being preserved, they are sealed and unavailable to the public, but if an investigation was ordered they would still be available. Of course those in Ohio weren’t destroyed until it became obvious that they were going to be reviewed by the courts, so who knows, if it happened in Florida, those records might have disappeared as well.

  5. Yaayyy! Obama Campaign!!! Mudflats has a new post on Obama filing suit in Michigan!

  6. Illegal Immigration, Obviously you don’t make any sense, posting quotes with nothing to do with the post. This will be the last comment of yours to be posted, since you have no reason to other than to get your site link on the page, and yes I know you are also Prison Planet, so don’t bother trying to post under another name again. I accept all opinions on the subject at hand, but I will not accept spammers just trying to get their links on another person’s page.

  7. You know, this is not a new issue at all. Elections have been rigged since the 60’s, at least. Sadly, there has never been enough public attention brought to the matter. If there were a major public outcry, maybe the process could be fixed?

    Frankly, I would give up total anonymity at the polls just to ensure that every vote has a name attached to it. It’s a lot harder to rig an election if you have to come up with names to go with each “extra” vote.

  8. Yes, I know this is not a new issue, I stated in the post that it used to be done by having loyal people placed in the polling stations, and that it was done in several previous elections, although not specifically stated, I also meant elections before the computer was even invented, even elections in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were often manipulated. But people today for the most part seem to think that modern elections are safe and fair because of all of the electronics involved, when actually, the electronics often make manipulation even easier than it was in the past.

    The purpose of this post was to remind people that there are things to watch for in manipulation tactics, and to show them a couple ways to avoid being a part of that manipulation. Which is why I posted the link to the AFL-CIO’s voter protection site in my previous post on dirty politics.

    Oh, and welcome back, L. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you, hope you come back again regularly, I’ve always enjoyed your comments on the old sites we frequented together,, (In case the cartoon pig dog threw you off, it’s Arn (The One).

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