Posted by: Cartoon Pig Dog | September 24, 2008

McCain in Media, Pa

  My original plan yesterday morning was to take a quick trip to Scranton, PA and catch John McCain’s town-hall meeting. Well, apparently it can sometimes be hard to get into one of those things. First you have to get a ticket, then you have to be cleared with security (the metal detectorthing and quick search) but most importantly you can’t be recognized as an Obama supporter. Anyway, I didn’t go into the town-hall meeting. No matter, I later discovered that no questions were allowed anyway and the day wasn’t over yet. He had also scheduled a campaign rally for Media, PA in the afternoon. That’s right next to Philly and only a couple of hours away, so I decided to drive down and check it out.

  On the way there I took the Bush-Road (actually it’s the turnpike, but I like to call it a Bush-Road because that’s one of those roads that our tax dollars paid for, but you have to pay to drive on it anyway), and shortly came to something I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of:

It’s a tunnel to nowhere. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

  Somewhere along the way, the fuse blew to my cooling fan and when I got into the traffic jam down by the rally site my car overheated and steam was coming out everywhere, I pulled into the first parking lot I saw, which turned out to be a Wachovia Bank parking lot and it was on the corner right next to the gates to the rally. I popped my hood and checked to see why it overheated, the fan wasn’t working, and fortunately it was just a fuse. But unfortunately I closed the door behind me and it was locked, with the keys in the ignition and turned on. Good thing I got there early (although the place was crowded already), I still had time to walk around town and find an auto-parts store to buy a slim jim and break back into it. Of course the sight of a hippie breaking into a car in a Bank parking lot caught the attention of the police, so I told them to just be patient a minute and I’d prove it was mine.

   Then came the getting in part, John McCains website told everyone to remember to wear red, the only red shirt I could find was one that had this on it:

The funny thing was, not a single person inside the rally could read it and no one outside the rally (The Obama supporters) had any problem reading it, so now I know for sure who the smart ones are.

  For some reason I couldn’t get a ticket, maybe I was too hippie or something I don’t know, but the folks at the ticket desk wouldn’t give me one. But my dilemma was soon over thanks to this woman:

(the one on the right with the blue sign), she had a ticket but was afraid to go in and be surrounded by McCain fanatics so she gave it to me. I made it through the metal detectors, but then got pulled aside for an extra little pat down anyway (do I really look like a criminal or something?). So I strolled up into the McCain crowd feeling kinda uneasy as I seemed to get a few (few, lol) wary glances. Why? I was wearing red, maybe not quite red enough. I also noticed a couple people from the Anti-McCain rally giving me a thumbs -up as I went forward. This can’t be good, was it that obvious? Ok, I needed to blend in better than just a red t-shirt, but I still had the ticket. So I turned around, after a bit of mingling into the crowd and letting a few people try to read my shirt  and went back out the gates. They looked almost as menacing on the way out as they did on the way in:

 There was a guy selling McCain/Palin t-shirts right outside the gates so I grabbed one and went back to my car to change it (couldn’t change right there or they would have seen the one underneath it) and made my way back into the crowd. It was a loose crowd at the back but as I approached the area where they were to be speaking it turned into a sardine can situation:

  The shirt seemed to work, I was no longer getting the wary looks from the McCain supporters, but security personnel still seemed to be watching me closer than I ever like to be watched by men in uniform. Then the man that tried to make himself famous by turning his back on the Democrats and joining the McCain team (Joe Lieberman) came out and gave a speech. I couldn’t help myself, I yelled “traitor!” at him a couple times, then quickly moved to another position because the people in red were starting to give me wary looks again. Here’s Lieberman:

Yes, that’s him, he’s right behind that big black thing.

  When Sarah Palin came out and started to talk I almost laughed too hard to go unnoticed, the woman never changes what she says (and no questions allowed), so I snapped a quick pic, which I later deleted when going over them on my computer since my digital camera has a delay between pressing the shutter and the picture actually taking and I ended up with the back of some guys head, and then yelled an invitation to her for her to join me at a wolf paw barbeque. Security was very polite about it, two of them approached me and just asked me to tone it down because I was getting the supporters near me upset, but by that time she was introducing her husband who came out to stand with her, she introduced him like he was some kind of national hero or something so I couldn’t help myself and yelled “Shouldn’t you be in court?”. I noticed a slight quiver in Sarah at that point, although with all the yelling and cheering in the crowd I don’t know if she actually heard it or if she was reacting to something else, but the two security guards heard it (and so did a lot of other supporters) and they told me to get back to the back of the crowd away from the people I was upsetting or they would remove me from the rally completely (still being polite). So I mingled my way back out towards the gates again and took advantage of the move to take a few pics of the people I really supported at the rally, those on the outside of the fence:


 By the time I was done checking out the enemy (or so it looked like) McCain was coming on to speak,  I immediately heard the words “straight talk” and since I had already blown any more chances at getting close enough for any questions (I heard they didn’t allow any anyway, but I don’t know, I was out of there after this) I turned around and yelled “Yep, talking straight out of his ass!” And again security paid attention, but I stopped them this time by holding up my hands and yelling (you have to yell to be heard in there) “It’s ok, I can’t take it in here anymore, anyway” and with that I took the McCain shirt off and walked down the street to the gates and out, with loud cheering from Obama supporters on both sides of the street at the shirt that was underneath. So the rest of my pics were taken from our side of the fences. I left without a single picture of Palin or McCain, and I don’t care, I got pictures of the people there that really mattered, these people:

 And then there was the hippie, Cartoon Pig Dog. With his disguise:

And without it:

If you zoom in on the shirt you can read a lot of the over 4000 names on it, all soldiers killed in Iraq between 2003 and 2008.

And then there were a whole lot of these:

And a whole lot of these:

And even a few of these:

   I have many more pics, but it would take all night to go through them and post them. All in all, I never made my goal of getting to ask either of them any questions, but I had a lot of fun and made a lot of new friends. So it cost me well over a hundred bucks in all to fail at my infiltration goal, but to see the turn out for Obama there made it all worthwhile.



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  2. CPD you rock! Great job and great to see all those smilin’ Obama supporers!

  3. You, sir, are awesome. If you need someone to sit in on Republican rallies in FL without drawing suspicion, I am a nondescript female who is registered as an independent voter. I have just enough variety in my wardrobe to blend into practically any crowd I want.

  4. Dear Fellow MudPuppy: I’ve been waiting for your post. Keep up the good work Cartoon Pig Dog! You gave me the best chuckle of the day so far.

    AKA Slap Spear Palin:)

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    These are the words of the typical Obama anarchists

    BLOG PATROL SAYS: Why thank you, I always appreciate these very intelligent bits of blather from the other side.

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