Posted by: Cartoon Pig Dog | September 26, 2008

Joe Biden in Wilkes Barre, PA

Yesterday morning I recieved an email from a friend that lives in Wilkes Barre saying that he was going to be coming out to the country to pay me a visit and bring some tomatos from his garden. My own garden spent much of the early summer under water due to the constant rain we had in spring and early summer this year, as a result, most of my garden died. (going to move it to a higher spot on the property next year).

  But anyway, it wasn’t a good day for company, Joe Biden was supposed to be in Wilkes Barre and I planned to be there, so I emailed him back and told him to call me (I couldn’t call him because it takes me at least a week to find a phone number). When he called I just told him that I wouldn’t be home, but I would be down his way if he wanted to change his visit plans and join me for the rally. And to avoid any parking problems I could just leave my car at his house and we could walk to the park for the rally from there. He readily agreed and said we could get a straight shot to the park from his place by just following the (Susquehanna) river. Sounded good to me even if it meant having to cross this:

As long as no trains come along it should be a nice walk. Uh,,, a nice long walk:

That seems to get longer as you go, but once on the bridge we could see the town of Wilkes Barre in the distance:

And from the other side of the bridge we could see the river winding it’s way through the country:

And of course, the bridge itself:

After we finally made it across the bridge and down about a mile of track we came to the dike with the Market Street bridge in the distance, the rally was going to be under the bridge:

Ok, can’t see the bridge yet, it’s just out of the picture around the corner to the left.

  Then came the hard part, getting into the rally without tickets. You know how tight security can be when it comes to candidates for president and/or vice-president. So we had to somehow get past the intense security to get into the park and to the rally.

In other words, we had to get past this guy:

  Well, getting past security wasn’t so bad after all, let’s see you try it at a McCain rally, I did and I needed help just to get a ticket.

 We got there in plenty of time as people were still heading in and we had about an hour before the rally. The media was there and ready:

  Ok, so that second one may not have been part of the media, but she was blond and cute so, what the hell.

  The rally got underway with a welcome by the Mayor of Wilkes Barre:

But the moment I was waiting for was this one:

When Joanne introduced to us the next Vice-President of the United States, Senator Joe Biden:

 I tried every way I could think of to get this video into this post, but either I’m just an idiot, or it can’t be done. (I know, I’m an idiot). But I did manage to get it into my videos on Myspace, so if you would like to see and hear Joe Biden’s complete campaign speech you can see it here:

  I regret to say that I didn’t get a lot of pictures from the rally because I was preserving my batteries to be able to shoot his entire speech, but I got the whole thing, all 35 minutes of it. The picture is kinda shaky but making a video in a crowd with a little digital camera isn’t easy, but his speech was very good and I can plainly see why they Republicans want to delay Sarah’s debate with him and why they want to limit the time they have to answer each question. Give them any more time and Joe could say something amazing, and Sarah could say something that makes you amazed she can even talk at all.

One last thing I need to note here, in the time I was there, before, during and after the rally, I did not see a single McCain supporter anywhere.



  1. At least the cop was smiling.:) Love the last two photo journeys, btw. You can sure see the difference between the two factions, can’t you.

  2. Cool! I was kinda worried about you because you never posted yesterday on Mudflats… turns you your were listening to Joe-man! Great pics… Know what you mean about getting in to a Dem rally… John Edwards came to Lawrence KS 4 years ago… Big Trout (my husband) had worked on the building where Edwards was speaking and knew some back ways in… we basically slipped up on to a balcony outside and watched with about 20 other people through some windows… I kept wondering “Where is the Secret Service?” Oh well… Great that you got to seem him… I envy you your battleground state… Da Boys don’t make it to Kansas much!

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