Posted by: Cartoon Pig Dog | September 28, 2008

The Debate: As seen through the blurred vision of a hippie.

The long awaited, and almost cancelled, debate between Presidential candidates Barrack Obama and John McCain took place Friday night in Oxford, Mississippi.

I had just signed on to watch for a sign thief and chat with some of my fellow Mudflatters when the debate started. Within five or ten minutes I had to leave the sign watch and concentrate on the debate, so, with a quick note to my fellow watchers saying that both candidates were off to a poor start, I signed off and hopped on the bed to lay back and enjoy the debate.

 Of course I expected a lot of contradiction and confusion during the debate and I learned years ago that, sometimes, the best way to deal with confusion is to become confused yourself. So, with that in mind, I lit up a good size joint and settled in to listen to McCain and Obama trade barbs for an hour and a half.

 It almost immediately became obvious that Obamaand McCain were both just a tad bit confused about why they were there, they seemed to think they were in and interview, not a debate, as the moderator (Jim Lehrer) had to repeatedly remind them to talk to each other, not to the audience or the moderator. But eventually they caught on and started to debate like they should. Although I did get the feeling that they were still talking to the audience more than each other.

  Now, on to the debate itself. The two of them contradicted each other constantly through the debate (I was expecting that), and both of them made statements that were either just not true, or mistakes due to misinformation or outdated information. When separating the non-truths (ok, just plain lies), from the misinformation it became very apparent that McCain would rather lie than admit to any mistakes, while Obama remained mostly honest about his past voting record and bill support. In my opinion, Obama won this debate hands down.

  Here are just a few of the questionable statements made by each of them and why I think they are questionable.

Obama said that McCain’s adviser, Henry Kissinger said he favored the idea of meeting with Iran without pre-conditions. McCain said he knew Kissinger for 35 years and he wouldn’t say that. But Kissinger did say that, however, AFTER THE DEBATE, Kissinger issued another statement saying McCain was right and that he opposed talks with Iran without preconditions. Yes, that phone called played itself through my brain a couple times, “Hello,… Henry? Henry, you gotta help me out here, I just lied on a live broadcast, so you have to get out and tell everyone I was right and you don’t support talks with Iran,,,”.

McCain insisted that Mike Mullen (Joint Chiefs of staff Chairman) said Obama’s plan for withdrawal from Iraq would be dangerous. Mullen did say that a time line for withdrawal would be dangerous, but he was not talking about Obama’s plan, he was talking about withdrawal in general and not about anyone’s specific plans. McCain knew this so this statement was a deliberate lie aimed at discrediting Obama’s ability to handle the situation in Iraq.

  Obama said that Iraq had a 79 billion dollar surplus, which was true at one time, but the figure is now closer to 60 billion, I see this as, not a lie, but outdated information, which we all have in one area or another. It’s impossible to stay up to date with everything and still manage to get an hour or two of sleep at the end of the day.

  But this was one of my favorites:  

McCain: Look, we are sending $700 billion a year overseas to countries that don’t like us very much. Some of that money ends up in the hands of terrorist organizations.

  First of all, we don’t spend that much on oil period. We spend about $535 billion on oil and a third of that is to Canada and Mexico, and we also get it from other countries that we are friends with. Also, if he had been correct, it wouldn’t have looked good for the Republicans because it’s a Republican administration that he’s talking about who is sending the money that could end up in the hands of terrorists. Perhaps this was one of those times that he should have just kept his mouth shut.

  McCain said Obama was naive  because he said that Georgia and Russia should both show restraint rather than let the situation esculate into a full blown war. I’m guessing that McCain also thinks the present administration is naive too since the Whitehouse issued a statement saying the same thing Obama said.

  Another false statement by McCain came when he said “I have voted for alternate fuel all of my time….” . Since he really voted against it 11 times, I would say that perhaps he’s for the idea of alternate energy, but he’s not one who would actually support any kind of funding for it.

  Another big one for McCain was when he said that in 1983 he stood up and voted against Ronald Reagan’s proposal to send Marines into Lebanon because he didn’t think that several hundred Marines could succeed in bringing peace to the region. Then he claimed that he was tragically right because 300 Marines lost their lives in the bombing of the Marine barracks. However, those Marines had already been deployed in August of 1982, more than three months before McCain was even voted into the House, so he couldn’t have voted against sending them.

  McCain also falsely claimed that Obama was against nuclear energy, when he is really in favor of it, he just insists that it be clean and that all safeguards are carefully met for the storage of wastes. I think that’s something that we can all agree on, nuclear energy, if used, MUST be made as safe as possible.

  But perhaps McCain’s biggest blunder came when he said that earmark spending had tripled in the past five years, when it has really declined by about 24%.

  Obama didn’t exactly have a perfect showing in the debate either, but I believe most of his mistakes were either stretches to get his point across or bits of misinformation that he had gotten and passed along in the debate as I didn’t notice any outright lies from him and he seemed more honest in his statements than I have seen any candidate be in a debate in many years.

  Remember that during most of this time I was under the influence of a mind altering green leafy substance, so I naturally had my sense of humor kicked into high gear and found myself giggling from time to time at the unexpected bits of humor that crept into the debate. These are just some random quotes from the debate that made me giggle:

  McCain: “A lot of us saw this train-wreck coming” and “We’ve got fundamental problems in our system”.  (Hmm, remember this? “The fundamentals of our economy are strong”)

  Obama: “John, you want to give oil companies another 4 billion dollars.”

  McCain: “It’s hard to reach across the aisle from that far to the left.”

  McCain: “How about a spending freeze on everything but defense, veteran affairs and entitlement programs.” (I almost choked on my fruit cocktail when he said this, spend money on basically nothing but the military, that’ll keep everyone happy)

  Obama: “So to stand here and after eight years and say that you’re going to lead on controlling spending and, you know, balancing our tax cuts so that they help middle class families when over the last eight years that hasn’t happened I think just is, you know, kind of hard to swallow.” (I found it kind of hard to swallow too)

  McCain: ” It’s well-known that I have not been elected Miss Congeniality ” (he said this a couple of times. Should we let him know that he didn’t win in the bathing suit competition either?)

  Obama: “John, you like to pretend like the war started in 2007…… The war started in 2003,”

  Obama: ” John, I — you’re absolutely right that presidents have to be prudent in what they say. But, you know, coming from you, who, you know, in the past has threatened extinction for North Korea and, you know, sung songs about bombing Iran, I don’t know, you know, how credible that is.” (bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran)

  Obama: “Jim, let me just make a point. I’ve got a bracelet, too, “

  McCain: “I’m not going to set the White House visitors schedule before I’m president of the United States. I don’t even have a seal yet.”

  McCain: “He’s parsing words, my friends.” (did anyone get a count on how many times he said “My friends”?)

  McCain: “I looked into Mr. Putin’s eyes, and I saw three letters, a “K,” a “G,” and a “B.” ” (oh, the things you can see in someone’s eyes)

  McCain: “You know, we spent $3 million to study the DNA of bears in Montana. I don’t know if that was a criminal issue or a paternal issue,”

  McCain: “Jim, when I came home from prison,…” (I knew it, I knew it. He almost made it through without mentioning it, but I knew he couldn’t let a whole hour and a half go by without mentioning that he was a POW)

  So, that is how the debate looked to a stoned out hippie with a bed full of munchies and spilled milk. Both candidates made mistakes and both made points, but overall Obama was the clear winner and McCain seemed to rely on rhetoric, lies and humor to bully his way through, all three tactics failed in my eyes.

  Next up, the debate between Biden and Palin. I am going to make every effort to attend this debate in person, it should be entertaining and hilarious. I’m just afraid that Palin will make such an idiot of herself that she’ll be unable to continue serving as Governor of Alaska without getting laughed out of her own state.

  Stay tuned and let’s see what happens Thursday.



  1. I don’t understand how a country so awesome at sensationalistic reality television can put up with this. Where are the tears? The alcoholic rages? I want to see how McCain discusses foreign policy after he finds out his wife has been giving head to Flava Flav in the whitehouse grotto.

    Seriously, there should be a reality show where we lock both candidates in a house, deprive them of sleep, and then have fake national disasters of all different shapes and sizes to see how they really deal under pressure- then they’re acting instead of just waxing poetic about freedom. They do it in Model UN and I don’t see why we can’t do it here. It would be like campaign bootcamp. Wake up McCain! Iran has obtained weapons of mass destruction and is threatening to obliterate Israel and you have 12 minutes to come up with a negotiation strategy….

    …underwater! Maybe not the underwater part, but how else are we going to keep the ratings up?

    Hannah Friedman
    Everything Sucks out Aug ’09

  2. Nice, you did a great job here on your blog! I think it is time we as Americans stand up and demand term limits on these people. They seem to keep waisting our hard earned money at every chance they get. I want to know just how much of my tax dollors paid for all of John McCain’s trips all over the world. I thought as a Senator you were elected to repersent your state and vote on issues for your state not be a traveling fool on my tax dollars! I could not believe how many names of people he was throwing around as well. What purpose did this have other than making him look like a fool! Being a biker like myself when a person starts throwing names around it is like signing a death warrent. He needs to be voted out and not even considered for the office of President.

  3. “I’m not going to set the White House visitors schedule before I’m president of the United States. I don’t even have a seal yet.”

    I can’t help but wonder whether he was referring to the Seal of the President of the United States, or the adorable marine mammal. Either way…yeah, that’s funny to us non-druggies as well.

  4. Nice post. The pics were awesome too. You must have a lot of patience standing in there with the Palin ‘supporters.’ But keep it up.

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