Posted by: Cartoon Pig Dog | October 21, 2008

Communist, Socialist, Terrorist, Nazi…. Or, over, under, sideways, down.

 Well, I have been away from my computer for awhile and spent a little time out there in the real world seeing how things were really going in our country and how the people really feel about the war, the economy and, most importantly, the candidates for President. Instead of getting all the lies you see posted in the blogosphere, I’ve been getting my own information from the real reliable sources, mainstream media like FOXNEWS (Ok, sorry, bad joke), no, not really, I’ve been talking to people, real people with real jobs and real concerns about our future and how our next president will affect that future.

   What I found was that the average person wants stability in their lives and in their government. Most really don’t care about, nor want to hear all of the smearing done by one candidate about the other. The liberal bloggers want to convince you that McCain is a Nazi with designs on destroying our country’s economy and ruining our military by waging more and bigger wars and giving a free pass to people like Charles Keating. The Conservative bloggers want to convince you that Obama is a terrorist and a Muslim, who would turn our country over to people like Bin Ladin and put us under Muslim rule while changing our country into a Socialist Republic.

   Neither of these things are true. Obama is not a Muslim, and McCain is not a Nazi. Although you would find it hard to believe by reading the posts on the internet, both candidates actually want to help the country’s economy and want to keep our country strong, they just have very different ideas about how to do it, and it is in these ideas and plans about how to save our country’s economy and how to proceed in the ongoing wars that have the most weight in how I cast my vote. Next in line would be the candidates themselves as they are today, not who they knew in the past or what mistakes they may or not have made 20 or 30 years ago, or even how they acted as a POW in a war long over. Nobody is exactly the same now as they were 30 years ago. I care about who the person is now in 2008. And then there’s the honesty thing and that one is the hardest, you can’t just believe everything because someone says it’s so. When a politician speaks you never know if it’s true or not unless you check every word against the facts already known about the particular subject matter. And whether they are willing to admit it or not, both truth and deceit come through in a person’s voice, mannerisms and facial expressions.

    Now, everyone who knows me already knows that I will be voting for Barack Obama, but it’s not for the same reasons that you may think. A commenter on one of my previous posts said that it’s because I feel guilty because Obama is black. Of all the incorrect reasons people have thought I had for voting Obama, that one was the silliest, I don’t feel guilty for being white and I don’t feel guilty for his being black, I didn’t choose my biological parents and neither did he.

   So, let’s get to the candidates and the differences between them that shaped my decision. First up: The economy.

    John McCain has a plan to save the economy and, contrary to what liberal bloggers are saying, he really believes his plan will work. The problem I have with it is the fact that it works on the “trickle down” effect, which we have learned only works in the short term and in the long term leads to the same kind of financial crisis that we are facing right now. His across the board spending freeze on all programs except for those associated with the military and veterans benefits would put many of our vital assistance programs in jeopardy, most notably, Medicaid and Medicare. His tax breaks to multi-billion dollar corporations is designed to lower their costs so they can pass those profits down in the forms of lower retail prices for the rest of us. Actually, a good idea, if it worked. But it doesn’t. The oil companies made record profits and the prices went up. The banks and Insurance companies made record profits and interest rates and insurance premiums went up. These people raised their rates looking for even higher profits, but the people could no longer afford those prices and the banks and insurance companies crashed because they were spending as if their profits would rise forever.

   Obama’s plan for the economy works in the opposite direction. A “trickle up” rather than down. And whether the conservatives want to believe it or not, it works. This country was built from the ground up on the sweat of the poor and middle class. The more productive the working class was the more profitable it was for the upper class, and the more the working class brought in, the more they spent and the more the upper class reaped from those under them. The “spread the wealth” idea would not make us a Socialist country, nor would it make everyone “middle class” because we all have equal amounts of money. It would mean that the filthy rich would put more back into circulation to help ease the burden on those who do the majority of the actual work in this country. The most important people in our work force today just happen to be among the lowest paid workers in the country. One thing I learned quickly in a lifetime of working as a skilled laborer (Carpenter and Iron-worker) was that the hardest working people on every job were also the lowest paid, the laborers. All I had to do was mention a tool or an amount of material or even the fact that I needed a hole dug, and a laborer was there to get it or do it for me. If I made a mess and left scrap lying around my work area they cleaned it up. They pushed wheel-barrels of concrete around, they moved giant stacks of lumber by hand, they separated stacks of steel so we could get to the ones we needed in the order we needed them. Overall, they did more than twice as much work in a day than I did, and they were paid less than half the hourly wage that I was paid while I made less than half the hourly wage of my boss and so on up the ladder. The one who made the very most did nothing at all, but he could live his rich lifestyle only because his company was making profits, and it could never make those profits without me doing the actual building, and I couldn’t get the building done in time, if at all, without those that did everything that I couldn’t do alone, the laborers.

    Obama also applies his “trickle up” approach to other areas such as his own campaign strategy . He gets many of his ideas from those lowest on the totem pole of his campaign. Sure, like all politicians, he has campaign advisers. But he also gets input from those most important on the trail, the field workers, those that actually go out and talk to people and see what they really care about and want they want in a president. He meets and talks to campaign workers all across the country and listens to their thoughts as well as those of his advisers. If McCain had done the same thing from the beginning, then perhaps he wouldn’t have fallen into this pattern of attacking Obama on non-issues such as his birth certificate, his “palling” with a terrorist, or his imaginary ties to the Muslims. These are all things that have been hashed and rehashed, just as the ACORN fiasco has. The verdict: Obama is innocent on all of those charges.

   On the military and National Security:

   Now this is where the differences between the two starts to get a bit scary. McCain really believes that his strategy would work to secure our nation and he wants the US to remain a leading force in the world and he honestly believes that his leadership will keep America strong and keep it secure from any threat from other countries. The biggest problem I see with McCain in military affairs is his temperament. He gets mad a bit too easily and has a problem with talking without thinking, that can be a dangerous thing when it comes to matters of diplomacy. “I know how to win a war”, “I know how deal with Iran”, “I’ll take care of Iran”, “there will be more wars”, “I looked into Putin’s eyes and I saw three letters a K, a G and a B”. These are just a few of the things that he has said on national (and international) television that he should have left unsaid. Add to those things like threatening extinction to North Korea and he starts to sound like a war monger. He wants to stay in Iraq until we can claim a victory. He says to pull out would be to admit defeat. That’s not true. We had no reason to invade Iraq in the first place, the weapons of mass destruction never existed there and they knew that, that was a smokescreen to cover the real reasons, oil, and even more than the oil was the revenge thing on Saddam, kind of a left over thing from George Sr. and Desert Storm. Saddam is dead, and the oil business is in turmoil, I’d say “mission accomplished” get the hell out of there before you screw it up any more.

    Obama wants to pull out of Iraq and refocus our attention on Afghanistan and Bin Ladin. This makes much more sense. The Bush administration started the invasion of Afghanistan to get Bin Ladin then kind of just forgot about it and pumped billions of dollars and over 4000 American lives into looking for imaginary weapons in Iraq, and when none were found they stayed there and continued to fight, Saddam was captured and executed, and we still stayed, meanwhile Bin Ladin and AlQuieda grew stronger, we need to refocus on where we were supposed to be from the start. Obama said he would be willing to talk with leaders from Iran and other countries to explore diplomatic alternatives to war, McCain said that would be dangerous. Diplomatic talks with opposing countries can always be dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as just starting a war without trying the diplomatic approach first. McCain’s policy is to shoot first, Obama’s is to try talking first and just maybe avoid the need to shoot at all.

   Their choices for running mate:

    This is a very important thing to consider. The VP would become our president if anything happened to the president. This was McCain’s first very noticeable act of irrationality. He chose Sarah Palin out of a desire to shake things up in the race and get a frenzy started over her, and it worked. Choosing her gave them an overnight boost in the polls. But he failed to do any real checking on her background and qualifications. He wanted a female to attempt to claim the votes that would have gone to Hillary and Obama’s decision not to go with Hillary gave him the opportunity to have the only woman on the national ticket. Had McCain really believed Palin to be qualified he wouldn’t have had his campaign protect her so heavily, not allowing interviews, insisting that she not answer questions at rallies and not letting her campaign on her own. They have lightened up some on the restrictions but they still shield her from press conferences and questions from the public. Of course, the fact that she was currently being investigated for abuse of power should have deterred him from her to start with.

    Obama chose Joe Biden. At first I was disappointed in his choice, I was hoping he would choose Hillary and I still think he and Hillary would have made a great team. But the more I learned about Biden, the more I respected Obama’s choice. Unlike Palin, Biden really did have foreign policy experience, and he had 35 years in government with a very good record. Like all politicians, he made mistakes and he made good choices, but overall he has been a strong and dedicated worker in the service of his country. I would feel very comfortable with the thought of Joe Biden taking over for Obama if anything were happen to him. I could never feel comfortable with the thought of Sarah Palin taking over for McCain.

    On honesty:

    Obama and McCain are both politicians, which, by definition, means they are going to say things that they are told people want to hear, stretching the truth and lying are a very big part of every election, usually the lies are about the opponent. I prefer not to listen to what the candidates say about each other, if it makes their opponent sound bad then it’s worth saying, or so they seem to think. I only care about what they say about themselves and their plans for the future and this is where they should stay honest with us. As I said above, honesty can be seen and heard in a person’s voice and in their mannerisms. McCain failed terribly here. He seems nervous and shifty, he paces and looks down, he avoids eye contact with everyone and all of his smiles seem forced. When called on something he said or did, rather than defend his stance or explain himself, he responds with attacks on his opponent. Almost every move he makes and every shift of his eyes makes you feel that you are listening to someone tying to deceive you. His favorite sayings on the campaign trail are “I can fix the economy” and “I have a plan”, but not once has he explained how he can fix the economy or just what his “plan” is. This makes it rather hard to believe that he’s being honest with us and that he even has a plan at all. But most disturbing is the fact that he once bragged about voting with Bush over 90% of the time, then claims that he is the one to change all of those things that were wrong in the Bush administration. Wishy-washy or deceit? Either he is doing a complete about face on his stand on policies or he is lying about his plans for change. Or perhaps it could just be his memory. At 72, he is reaching the age that memory starts to fade. Twice he said Putin was the president of Germany, he thought Al Quieda was in Iraq, and he has stumbled on his memory several times during interviews.

    On the other hand, Obama has explained his plans in detail. His plans are not perfect, but they are much better than the way things have been done in recent years. He has attacked McCain (sort of) on his involvement with Keating Five, but only after McCain attacked him on Ayres, and he first fully explained his relationship with Ayres honestly. The only thing McCain said about Keating was that the case was dismissed against him, he failed to mention that he was still reprimanded for showing poor judgement in his involvement with Keating. But the most telling aspects still remain in mannerisms, Obama answers questions in detail, looks people in the eye  and speaks clearly and intelligently. His smiles are genuine and his laughter easy (McCain’s laughter seems to be fake and forced, or what I call a “nervous laugh”).

      On Joe the Plumber and other urban legends:

     Joe made a big mistake by agreeing to talk to Obama, and McCain made a big mistake in trying to use Joe against Obama in the debate. Joe thought he would catch Obama on his tax policy by saying his taxes would go up if he bought the company (something that he had no real plans of doing in the first place). But the company (two people, Joe and his boss) didn’t make 250,000 a year, so Obama’s policy would actually help Joe, not hurt him. McCain’s insistence in bringing him up over and over again in the debate naturally led the media to want to find out more about the man McCain was using so forcefully in the debate, which led to things coming out such as, he had no license, he was behind on his taxes and he was related to Charles Keating. McCain blamed Obama for the attention given to digging into Joe’s background, when it was McCain’s own insistence on using him in the debate that led to the media’s interest in Joe.

      This entire post was written without doing any research online, so don’t ask me to provide links for anything I have said. This is a post based on my own observations and opinions rather than on tidbits I picked up on the internet. Everyone, including myself, has been guilty at one point or another of falling for the propaganda posted online by conservative and liberal bloggers about the opposing candidates. In the last couple of weeks before the election I would like to suggest that we all quit taking any stock in what we read in blogs (my blog included) and find out all we can about the candidates as they really are. If you want to use the internet then do so by checking facts that are verified, not claims made by extreme right or left wing writers. Check with reliable sources such as and and you will find that most of the smearing remarks made about both candidates are untrue. Check out the candidates on their own sites, check out their voting history and full policies in places that show the actual documents, not someone else’s interpretations of those documents, sites like can direct you to many documents filed and or voted on by both candidates. And of course, watch the candidates themselves, watch how they act and react, listen to them and weigh what they say and how they say it. Listen to what they say about their own plans and policies and ignore what they say about each other (just take it from history, candidates never have much good to say about each other). Don’t listen to someone else’s comparison of the candidates policies, read their policies and compare them for yourself.

     And, of course, most importantly of all, regardless of who you support or what your party affiliation is, get out on election day and vote. I will be voting for Obama, but that doesn’t mean I want you to stay home if you support McCain. Every vote is important and every voice has a right to be heard. Let’s make this the loudest election in history and let’s all pray (to whoever you prefer to pray to) that the next administration is the best administration in history, regardless who runs it. And for just this once, lets try to forget about who is liberal and who is conservative and remember that we are all Americans and we all want the same things: to be able to support ourselves and our families, to feel secure in our homes, to try and make life better for our children than it was for us, and to be able to be proud of our country and of our heritage (regardless of whether your heritage is from America, Africa or the Middle East). Liberalism is a good thing, but so is conservatism, the bad comes in when either are taken to the extreme, this year, both are, but more so in the people of America than in the politicians. Slow down, venture a little closer to the middle to find the best points of each and work with them, we have become enemies of ourselves by leaning too far to the right and too far to the left, when there is a very comfortable zone for each of us somewhere near the middle.

  Now I’m rambling again, so it’s time to stop. Everyone get out and vote and advise all of your friends and family to do so too. Make your choices intelligently and base them on what facts you know and how you really feel, not on propaganda from either side but the real facts, not on what you heard one of them might have said, but on what you have actually heard them say. I’ve read their policies and listened to them (all four of them) talk. I’ve studied their backgrounds and their voting records and read pieces of legislation that they have written and supported. After I finished I found that I still support the same person, only for more reasons than I did before. I stand behind Obama in this election and I will always stand behind my decision to do so. If you choose to vote for McCain, you should also stand behind your decision to do so. After all, neither one of them are really the monsters the opposing side says they are, they are both basically good men with extremely different ideas.



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  4. Excellent post, thanks so much!!! It is concise and unbiased, and very well written. I wish that more people thought like you.

    I live in NC. Based on what you wrote, its interesting to note how different areas are divided politically here. If you go to a premier residential area, almost every house has McCain-Palin signs on their lawns… (and the ones that don’t, have “for sale” signs!) And when you come to the middle/lower income neighborhoods – like where I live – almost every house has Obama/Obama-Biden signs. I guess people recognize who would *help* them better.

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