Posted by: Elephant Bones | November 4, 2008

May the Best Man Win


I got mine. Where is yours? This is the Election Day thread. Discussion is open, so long as it is relevant to the election. Go nuts.



  1. I was at the polls early this morning. Had a very pleasant experience. I was an Obama supporter in a district that is almost 90% Red. But at the polling station we all sat or stood around chatting, drinking coffee, eating donuts and cookies (they had a huge table full of snacks there) and cracking jokes at each other about the campaigns and the election. There was no line and people just wandered over to sign in and vote at leisure. They had seven voting machines but there wasn’t any more than three of them being used at any given time. Everyone was friendly with everyone from both sides of the isle. I wish all of the polling stations across the country could be that way, but sadly there are problems being reported from many of them.

  2. Sounds pleasant. Mine was, thankfully, also easygoing. Short wait in line, then a jaunt over the to the polling booths. Except for the President (voted McCain), I put a straight ticket for Democrats.

    No idea how red or blue Austin is (most likely blue), but I’m glad to hear you weren’t assailed upon for being a Obama supporter.

  3. I actually split my votes, 3 Democrats, 2 Republicans and two Libertarians. And of course, Obama/Biden on the main ticket.

  4. When I was a child of 5, I got in trouble with my Grandmother because I wanted a drink of water and there was a long line at one drinking fountain but there was another identical fountain that had no line. At 5 I couldn’t read the sign above it that said “Coloreds Only” all I knew was that I wouldn’t have to wait at that fountain and so I drank. We have come so far to this day.

    We have much to do, but we made giant strides today.

  5. Thrilled and excited about our new President!!!! :))

    President Barack Hussein Obama ‘08!!!!

  6. I voted last week – we had early voting in NC!

  7. Deb, I was brought up in a family that was (and sadly still is) very racist. As a child in Mississippi during one of the most racially charged periods in history, I was taught by my father to hate blacks. I don’t think he ever hated anything as much as he hated black people, but I really have him to thank for my non-racist views of other races. Seeing the hate in him was something I couldn’t bear as a child and I knew then that I could never let that kind of hate dwell inside me. I’ve alienated myself from my family several times over the years due to our disagreements over race and religion.
    Happily, our country seems to have advanced beyond that, we aren’t a non-racist country yet, but I believe we are on our way.

  8. Wow Arn, that’s so remarkable! Having lived in cities mostly, I’ve never come across such blatant racism, nor do I really comprehend how or why it still exists.

    Deb, I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for your parents and grandparents.

    It’s only going to get better from here on…. so looking forward to that!

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