Posted by: Elephant Bones | November 6, 2008

And Now for Something Completely Different

Now that the election is over, we can all relax. The results are in, our new President elected, and now we just have to wait for January for Obama’s promised change to begin. In the meantime, I figured we could all use a little entertainment, so I scrapped together a few videos and pictures I though we could all enjoy:

No, this did not actually happen.

Ah, political junkies

Gotta love Statler and Waldorf

You know, when you think about it…


I can recite all the countries. Yes, I am awesome.

Doesn’t it feel good knowing you’re not going to have to hear this shit anymore?


Check out their other videos, they’re really funny

It’s amazing the kind of things people come up with using these screenshots. There are a lot of these.


Ah, the Japanese and their crazy commercials

If you enjoy offensive content, you’ll love the webcomic Cyanide and Happiness


A japanese variety show

A twist on History


Vader, quit being a dick

May add more later. Till then, enjoy!



  1. Good luck with your blog, EB. Your a level headed liberal with a good head on your shoulders. I don’t mean to sound grandfatherly but I do want you to know that I enjoy reading your commentary over at C4C.

  2. Thanks, Metsguy. Good to know that someone there isn’t a bloosucking nutcase. *coughpokeycoughcough*

  3. Hmmm, I’ve seen this exact same comment in a few other places, but it doesn’t fit here, so the guy must be a blog pimper. This was in the spam folder this morning.

    “Excellent blog! Interesting article and very informative! I will necessarily subscribe for this blog.” (link to his site here).

    I almost would have fell for it and posted the comment if it wasn’t for the fact that this is the post he commented on and there is no article or information, just a little fun with cartoons and vid clips. 😀

  4. BTW, you’re free to add any vids you think would be fun to watch too, Arn.

  5. Whoa, this is as good as a breath of fresh air.
    Great site CPD, thanks for the “come on over” suggestion. Nice to get away from the API insanity (no disrespect to Sage intended)
    Back soon,

  6. That first youtube was brilliant. It was a nice break from unreality.
    oooohhh look…George Carlin…

  7. Thanks for stopping by Dabig and trainwreck. By the way, the real owner of this site is Elephant Bones (the one who posted this post), I joined him right after he started it and have done most of the posts since then, he’s young and therefore much busier than I am, so he doesn’t manage the site quite as often, while I’m old and lazy and love to hang around the computer, lol. We’re kind of a strange team, I’m an old hippie and he is a young video gamer, I voted Obama and he voted McCain, and I’m sure there are numerous other differences between us, but really, you couldn’t ask for a better or more honest friend than EB.
    (and yes, I’m the Arn EB was talking to in the above comment, not sure if I ever mentioned my name over at Sage’s)

  8. Hi CPD…I’ll be sure to come check out your blog more often. You have some interesting stuff up!


  9. {comment deleted}

    This comment will be sent to tos reports on wordpress. Keep your porn on your own site. In the future all comments in violation of WordPress’ TOS will be reported. Any comments in violation of any laws will be reported to the proper authorities, including the commenter’s email and IP address. This is not a troll site and will not be treated as such.

  10. “you couldn’t ask for a better or more honest friend than EB.”
    D’awwww, you flatter me.

    “I voted Obama and he voted McCain”
    Just so everyone else is clear, I’m still a Democrat; I just made an exception this time around.

  11. sorry about that EB, I guess I should have said that, but you know I’m not a “party person” at all so the Republican/Democrat bit never entered my mind. I voted for a few of each including Libertarians.

  12. I think we all played musical parties this election.

    I voted straight Democrat. Just to piss Cheney off really.

  13. Fight the power, Train

  14. Sorry, EB, I just can’t stop laughing, I read your comment without the comma.

    Never mind, my head is in the wrong gutter. 😀

  15. So, still no comments about the anti-gay-marriage laws passing in CA, AZ, and FL?

    *shrugs* Fun stuff in this post, though.

  16. I’m very disappointed, but I’m sure gay marriage will pass eventually. Like woman’s suffrage and black equality, it’s only a matter of time.

  17. What’s weird is that the most liberal state in the U.S. when it comes to gay rights voted it down like that. At least the ones married during the short period that it was legal will remain married, but hey, it’s just ridiculous that the government should have any say on it in the first place, you should be able to marry whoever you like regardless of gay straight or whatever, stopping gay marriages isn’t going to stop anyone from being gay. I say, just let people live the way they want and let the government keep its oversized nose out of our bedrooms.

    That being said, I now have a date with a german shepard. 😀

  18. The most liberal state in the US? California is FULL of conservatives, Arn. Yes, there are more homosexuals in California than anywhere else, but LA and San Francisco are the only parts of the entire state with a significant proportion of liberals, and Cali’s a pretty big state.

    That doesn’t make the passage of Prop 8 right, of course.

  19. I never said Cali was a liberal state, just that it was liberal when it comes to gay rights. I am a native Californian and lived much of my life there so I am very aware of where it stands politically.

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