Posted by: Elephant Bones | January 14, 2009

T-Minus 7…


In one week, the filth and corruption of the old administration will be replaced with a (hopefully) more competent group of people. Bush’s faults and crimes are many, and I will certainly not miss him. Quite the contrary, I’ll be glad to see him gone. The man who lied to us about everything, who deceived us into war without any consideration of the cost, who absolutely ravaged our relationships with other nations, who threatened our economic stability with his attempts to dismantle Social Security, who has failed to create a single net job these last few years, and who has repeatedly and unabashedly revoked our Constitutional rights, all without admitting a single mistake, will soon be gone from public office forever.

What do you look forward to most for this new administration? For me, it would have to be a return to being able to trust the government to get things done, rather than muck it up. God willing, Obama will display the economic wit of FDR and Bill Clinton, and the nonpartisan leadership of John McCain. Barrack Obama is our first black president. I hope he makes a good first impression.



  1. I look forward to so much, and hope for so much….; but I have to admit that I’m somewhat anxious that President Obama will be overwhelmed with the sheer enormity of the repair job ahead of him….

    But he IS the best candidate for the job. Even my Republican friends are now admitting that, and also that they are impressed at how he’s trying to work with Everyone, regardless of party or faith or convictions; at how he constantly strives to put the country ahead of politics or policies or government.

    I guess I really look forward to him succeeding; and helping the country get back on its feet.

  2. It’s not helping that all the Republicans are trying to stall him. I don’t want to say that they’re letting politics get in the way of restoring our country, but…

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