Posted by: Cartoon Pig Dog | July 5, 2009

Port-A-Potty Phuck-Up


Ok, so I know there are many uses for port-a-pottys these days. Other than the obvious uses, you can use them as hiding spots when that guy you owe a hundred bucks to goes to the same park you’re at, or to get away from people for a quick hit off of that joint or perhaps a quick snort of coke. You can even take your own little shit syphon and get yourself a little free fertilizer out of the dump hole.

But for Candy Michelle Vignari (or was that Vaginary?) of Cambridge, Maryland the port-a-potty became her own private little birthing booth as she entered a smelly shit-room in a Cambridge park and gave birth to a little girl. Yeah, I know, not exactly a prime setting for giving birth, but she had a reason for doing it there.

After the baby was born she then dropped it into the shit-hole and went outside where some crew members were working and asked the first one she came to if she could bum a cigarette. The construction worker noticed the blood and “other” matter on her clothing and approached the port-a-potty to go in for a look when Candy yelled at him not to go in there because there was a baby in there. At this point, of course, the construction worker called the police.

Knowing she was about to be busted, she got a towel and went back in, retrieved the baby and was trying to clean the shit off of it when the police arrived, they quickly took the baby from her and arrested her for child abuse and neglect. The baby is now in stable condition in a local hospital while the not so sweet Candy is cooling her coochi in a shithole of another kind.




  1. That is insane.

    Why would the woman go into a port-a-potty to give birth? And why would she just leave her baby in there when she herself must look after her own child instead of leaving her child in that nasty, filthy place?

    Dispite that I have no involvement in this matter whatsoever, it just boggles my mind.

    Now the blue part is a bit off topic, if it’s not allowed, then please forgive me:

    Hey, CPD.
    I haven’t seen you on C4C for a while. Don’t be offended if I ask, but did you get banned again?

    The reason why I am going off-topic here(please forgive me) is that I want to thank you for helping me out me and Joe in the last thread in C4C, when we were clearing up some of the things that Bob Corker was talking about. He did make some reply with some old mesopotamian artwork, when we found out that there is no mention of his claim in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    So far, after giving him the futher analysis on 1 Corinthians 11:14 with the rest of the Bible and then listening to him address that analysis along with addressing our further questions, me and Joe had found many errors in his argument. The inconsistency of that man’s answers, seems enough to convince me that the man is lying. Asking question after question, the man is making less and less sense about his haughty, hateful claim that long haired men are evil. Claiming that long haired men are evil, because he wants to justify his virulent hate against the long haired man.

    No christian that I know of has this kind of hate in his heart. I have never seen a man get a Bible and not follow it, but much rather instead, use it as a weapon–a weapon, to justify his hate and wrath.

    This man uses claims in the bible so often, takes them out of context to better suit his agenda. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have seen it, however, when I saw him post another hateful thread against long haired men, I just began to get a bigger picture of what was going on, but you have given me the last piece to the puzzle.

    Although there are some things that he an I agree on, I don’t think that he is somebody that I should be fooling with anymore. I have wasted so much time trying to help this blind man see, but it’s possible that he is not really blind, but evil.

    It is known that Satan is the father of lies. I have seen so much dishonesty in this man’s posting when he talks about things. He twists the bible to justify himself when he is wrong, even though we know that he’s obiously wrong with the bible.

    He accuses people of wrongdoings things that he himself is guily of.

    Have you seen the video that he posts up in that ‘Another take on long hair’? There is a full video of the “poor man’s” sermon, called “Young Baptist Preaches Against Hippie, Queer, Idolatrous “Jesus” – Championship Edition”. shows exactly what was going on at the certain time. However, he keeps leaving stuff out to make it look to the average person that he is right. He takes things out of it’s original context and then puts it into his own.

    Besides my hartford buddy, Joe, you were the only other guy in there who made sense. And since there is no other way that I can contact you, I have to post here.

    Although, being a Conservative Christian, my understading of the real world and politics, comes from common sense first. I tend to be neutral when it comes from the bible, so that I do not get lost in predetermined theology like Corker has. I study and leave no stone unturned.

    Anyways, what I wanted to do was thank you for helping us see what was going on over there.

    I apologize for being off topic, but however, after seeing that there has been no posts on this thread, I just thought that at least giving it some thought would be decent. If what I did was not appropriate on this blog, then I do apologize.

    Anyways, thank you for illuminating our path to what Corker was really like. That man, continuing to be intellectually dishonest on his claim, does not change. It seems that the poor man is possibly an irredeemable soul.

    That is all,
    God bless

  2. Sorry, the coloring didn’t work

  3. Hi Tom, no I didn’t get banned again. I have just been too busy to bother with going over there lately. It’s fun to drop in on him from time to time just to let him know I still think he’s nuts, but I don’t let him consume too much of my time by trying to teach him anything, you can’t teach a closed mind.
    I’ve been busy lately trying to help push for legalization of medical marijuana here in Pennsylvania (House Bill 1393). I’ve been passing out educational materials and going to the Capitol to rally and to talk with people on this issue. If you read some of my other blogs here you’ll notice that I strongly support legalization since marijuana is quite simply the safest drug on the planet (it’s even safer than asprin).
    Anyway, thanks for dropping by over here, I hope you come back and read more, I haven’t been posting much on here lately because I’ve been busy with more important things than blogging, but I hope to be writing more in the future and I hope that EB (the real owner of this site) will be posting a bit more too.
    I’m glad you finally caught on to what was going on over there, I hate to see him drag in people that honestly want to help when all he is really doing there is trolling for conflict.
    Take care and come back and visit here anytime.

    • I didn’t know where you went, sorry.

      Although I haven’t heard from OS on that site on the “another take on long hair” thread, I just posted in concern of this wierdo, who goes by “Juan Rico”, that OS had allegedly “imported in order to pick our cotton and get him off of alcohol”. As I read the comment, it sounds like another stupid troll, which OS doesn’t allow on his site–or does he?

      Well, yes. Anyways, I am not so sure if the man is exactly “nuts”, I’m more convinced that the man is both evil and intellectually dishonest. Which, in other words, mean he is… nuts.

      I’m not going to spend much more time over there. I’m not a calvinist, nor am I any other denomination of medieval christianity like OS is, so he and I are not, in any way, the same.

      Thanks for letting me post on your blog, although I am sorry to go off topic in the port a potty thread; I apologize, but I don’t know where I can do general discussion. If there is, and I missed it by any chance, please let me know where it is, so that we can discuss on matters further.

      thank you,

      That is all,
      God bless.

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