Posted by: Elephant Bones | August 5, 2010

The History of Nintendo

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  1. Nintendo is the most destructive organization ever created. In the olden days, they only destroyed introverted children, but now their targets encompass all. At least its competitors have the decency still restrict their targets to balding and overweight teenagers and college students. Thankfully, at least the Xbox 360 and the PS3 will defeat it in market shares, as you cannot underestimate the hardcore gamer market.

    In New Pork City, I tackled the video game problem by actually passing the Family Entertainment Protection Act and enacting a law similar to Australia’s, but I banned the Wii. That way, we can keep the hardcore gamers happy, but keep other people from being introduced to the acetylcholine destroyer known as video gaming. Plus, we aren’t really hurting the video game industry, simply because most of the revenue comes in from the hardcore gamers.

    Halo and Modern Warfare 2 forever!

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